• It was exceedingly pitiful.

    I have read the inheritance cycle twice, and after watching the movie, it is quite easy to see that there is a very large difference in quality. The movie had little to no relation to the book. In the book, Roran leaves because he wants to make money, so he will have something to offer when he asks to marry his GF, Katrina. In the book, however, Roran leaves because he does not want to be recruited to the army, and there is absolutely no mention of Katrina, even though she made major contributions to the plotline of the first book, and the 3 that followed. The portrayal of the Ra'zac was poorly thought-out, Durza looked like bozo's evil twin, and when Eragon went to Farthen Dur, there was no mention of the dwarves, who, in the book, contribute IMMENSLY to the plotline, and also BUILT Farthen Dur. The fact that there is no mention of them is simply a disgrace. As for the elves, the only mention that was given to them in the entire movie was a few short lines toward the end of the movie that stated that Arya was returning to Ellesmera. On the topic of Arya, there was a pseudo-love affair between her and Eragon throughout the movie. I say pseudo because in the books, Arya rejects Eragon on the basis that he is 16 and she is over 100 years old, and she does not even admit that there could have been something between them until the end of the last book! Back on the topic of Farthen Dur, its portrayal was terrible, and I know what they would say, "but we cant recreate a 10-mile wide hollow mountain with a marble city in it!" Well, pretty much the only thing the movie had going for it was the CGI, and they did a damn good job of making Saphira, so a greenscreen with a backdrop of Farthen Dur and Tronjheim shouldn't have been that hard. And because they didn't actually have Tronjheim, they couldn't have Isidar Mithrim (giant star sapphire), which was an extremely important item in the story, as it confirmed that the dwarves would help the Varden. And, the ONLY interesting characters in the ENTIRE movie were Brom and Saphira. Eragon is the MAIN CHARACTER, and he was probably the worst actor out of everyone in the entire movie! The ONLY redeeming factor as far as acting is concerned is that Jeremy Irons played Brom. God, I love Jeremy Irons. Not only that, but as far as the battle of Farthen Dur, in the book, there was no black shadow-cloud dragon that Durza rode on, and Eragon was not on Saphira for his battle with Durza, nor was Saphira even with him during the fight. And at the end of the movie, there is no mention of the spirits contained within Durza being released and crippling Eragon, or Oromis, Eragons teacher. Overall, just a bad movie. Shame, Fox. Shame.

  • I didn't like it

    It gave the books a bad name. Plus it messed up all the characters, had too much CGI and as boring. Also the plot was awful, and the took almost nothing from the books. They didn't do much better with Percy Jackson movies, even though different people worked on those ones.

  • Of course yes.

    The Eragon movie was so bad it scored horribly, even with people who hadn't read the books.

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  • It was a good movie

    That guy over there is wack, To me the movie was great. It had a good plot and I mean they can't fit a whole book into a movie or it'd be more than 4 hours long. I think they did a good job fitting it all into the hour and a half movie. To conclude the guy over there is a hater.

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