Was the EU right to drop the law set to limit the sale of cancer linked chemical found in food?

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  • Yes. Chemicals should be regulated.

    The EU or any country should be looking out for its citizens by enacting laws that limit the use of cancer causing agents. The government has the capacity to test this chemicals and make decisions based on fact. To drop a law set to protect the people from a chemical that is linked to cancer is reckless.

  • EU let companies have too much influence

    I do not think the EU was right in dropping the law to limit cancer-linked chemicals in food. I think the chemicals in our food consumption has gotten out of control and law-makers need to do something about it. The only reason for companies to block a law like this is for their own profit. What is more important? Profit or the health of consumers? The EU should not have allowed companies to take control of this law.

  • No, the EU should not have dropped that law.

    No, it was wrong for the EU to drop that law. It was protecting consumers against cancer-causing agents. Now businesses can add this cancer-causing chemical back into foods, and that's wrong. I believe in safety over profits. This action is a step backwards, and I don't like it. People and animals need to be protected.

  • No, they were not.

    There might be more research that needs to be done, but the law would have helped to save countless numbers of people. They should have kept the law, however they could have set the law that it was limited and needed to come up for review after more research had been done.

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