• EU Deserved Nobel Peace Price

    In many ways, the European Union deserved its Nobel Peace Prize. The body made great strides in various areas and was worth of contention for the prize in the first place. We shouldn't criticize the EU's reception of the Nobel Peace Prize becaues it wholly deserved such recognition these days.

  • The EU deserves it.

    I think that the European Union has gone through many fits and starts over the decades. I think that they have learned from their experiences, and used that which was learned to create a progressive and valuable coalition of nations across the continent. To that end, I believe that makes it worthy of its Nobel prize.

  • Yes it was.

    The EU was worthy of its Nobel Peace Prize. The EU has done plenty of things recently to improve humanity and it is about time that they got noticed for it. The EU would have not been awarded a Nobel Peace Prize if they were not indeed worthy of it.

  • The EU was not worthy of its Nobel Peace Prize.

    The EU should not have won its Nobel Peace Prize. There is a clear European bias among the prize committee. It's also not fair to grant the prize to large and faceless organizations. Although the EU was right to get rid of Assad's chemical weapons, they did not end the civil war or the violence.

  • Turmoil Due to Austerity Measures

    The European Union wasn't worthy of its Nobel Peace Prize in 2012 whatsoever. Awarded because of "six decades" of peace, that statement is completely false. Even today, ethnic cleansing still goes on with the Roma people. The Balkans' turmoil in the 1990s was horrendous. Austerity measures in the 2010s led to violence in Athens and massive protests in the United Kingdom. The EU might have been really good at keeping the peace during the Cold War, but internal strife is still a huge problem.

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