Was the extended version of the rapist scene in "Robocop" funny (explanation in my answer)?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Rape is awful, let's shoot the rapists

    Sure, this title sounds pretty offensive, but hey: maiming rapists sounds like my cup of tea, to be honest. Haven't even seen the movie, but absolutely this could be funny! I guess that punishing people isn't normally a funny thing, but I think we could definitely make an exception here.

  • Here's what I'm talking about (yes it was funny too)

    For those who haven't seen the extended uncut version (available on DVD and bluray). The rapist getting his manhood shot off is not the only one. A group of guys getting out trying to rape women getting their manhood shot off. It's so funny because of that. I was laughing when I first saw it. Hehe

  • It is still inhumane.

    I understand the hate for rapists but that doesnt mean that it is okay to treat others inhumanly. Rape isnt right partly because harming another human being iswrong which is what we are taught, so despite them harming someone else, as much as we would like it, we do not have to right to harm them.

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Adam2 says2014-04-26T03:46:19.933
Nevermind that was a satire!