• I think I may agree that that book is recieved well

    While it may be a relatively sad novel for young adults it seems to have received a number of positive reviews and the overall reception appears to be positive. While I don't always enjoy books that are very sad it appears that this one may be one worth reading in the future.

  • Movie or book

    I read the book in 2 days. I fell in love with the lovestory, because that's what I do. I loved the characters and the storyling. However, the movie was a big dissapointment to me. Ansel Elgort was completely wrong in the role of Augustus, and Hazel's parents were not right either (my opinion, though)

  • I did not like it.

    I read the book when I was not allowed to read 'fantasy' books for personal reasons. I did not like it at all. I thought Augustus was too pretentious, even though he was apparently meant to be, and his metaphor-was that even a metaphor?- was rubbish! I also thought that the Anne Frank scene was offensive, especially as John Green seems to hold them on the same level, as they all die of illnesses, never mind the circumstances!

  • Predictable and unfortunately disappointing

    Having read numerous books, I found The Fault In Our Stars to be entirely dry and glossed over. The book aims, I'm assuming, to be very relatable and personal. Unfortunately, the details in the book were very elementary. There was a lack of harrowing emotion, which almost creates a disconnect between the book and the audience. It isn't a novel I would read again.

  • No, how could it be if I haven't heard of it?

    I'm a big reader, it's my favorite hobby. I have over 1,600 books in my home collection. My family visits the local library at least twice a week. I'm an active member of Goodreads, Shelfari, and Paperbackswap. And yet I have not heard of this book. I'd like to think if it were truly good, I'd have heard about it at some point! It is nearly impossible for a person such as myself to avoid learning of such things; if it's mentioned in the news, hits the best sellers lists, or is made into a movie I'd have known.

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