Was the finale of 'Secrets and Lies' worth the wait to see who killed Tom?

  • The wait was worth it

    The wait was worth it. There is nothing more important to a show than its season finale. And often people who skip episodes mid-season will still tune in to see finales. The ending of Secrets and Lies was worth the wait. I would hate to have missed it. I was having conversations with friends about this morning.

  • The finale of Secrets and lies was worth the wait.

    There was build up and suspense to the finale episode.There was suspisions on who killed Tom,but it really could have been anyone. One had to watch the last episode just to find out for sure who done it. Lets face it this is how producers keep ratings on the shows you watch.

  • Yes, the finale of 'Secrets and Lies' was worth the wait to see who killed Tom.

    When we found out that Tom had died in the first five minutes of the premiere, having to wait the entire season created awesome suspense. So it almost didn't matter who killed him, just finding out the truth was easily worth the wait. The fact that it ended up being Abby was cool.

  • Drawn out show

    I find these night time dramas nauseating. They are full of extreme situations that try to capture viewers via shock value rather than good writing. I could not make it though to the end in order to find out who killed Tom. I will not be watching again next season if the show returns.

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