Was the finding of the Universe's oldest know star of any real significance?

  • It is a mind boggling fact.

    While this may not have any practical significance at the moment, it is a true monument to man that we can find these things, and we as a race should be very proud of how far we have come. It also may have future implications to help us better mankind so it is very significant.

  • It helps us date ourselves.

    Yes, the finding of the Universe's oldest known star is of real significance, because it helps us understand ourselves. The origins of the universe, including how old the universe is, is one of the most relevant and undetermined, unanswered questions left in science. The oldest star can help unlock some of these fascinating answers.

  • Yes, just like any discovery.

    Finding the oldest known star in the Universe is significant in the same way as any astronomical discovery would be. It tells us more about our world and the larger cosmos. It will not solve anything or explain everything, but it is a way to help us gain more perspective.

  • How is it not?

    It helps give us more of an understanding of our universe! Saying it is not a significant discovery is like saying that the wheel and light bulb were and are insignificant. It helps us understand the universe, gives more weight to the Big Bang Theory. How can we deny this star's value?

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  • It supports our concepts.

    The big bang is calculated as having occurred 13,7 billion years ago. This star supports, or at least is consistent with, this calculation It is significant in that we can continue with hypotheses based on big bang suppositions. We don't have to go back to Lascaux and make new drawings.

  • Does it cure poverty?

    Does finding the oldest star known in the Universe tell us anything more than the Universe is very, very old? Does it help prove or disprove religious belief? Does it help answer questions about the possibility of other beings existing in the Universe? Does it cure poverty, sickness, hunger, real problems on the Earth which we populate? The answer is uniformly, unequivocally no.

  • Finding of the Universe's oldest know star is not of any real significance.

    It is not a concern to most people that the oldest known star has been discovered. This discovery will not change life on Earth, and there is no evidence that it will lead to any inventions that will make life better for people. It is a small discovery for specialists in the field.

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