• Yes, It's fair.

    She wanted "some muscle" to try to infringe on a journalist's right to report on an important event. Also, in my opinion, I don't think her job was all that important to begin with in the first place. . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Yes it was

    She assaulted a student for daring to practice his first amendment rights and film on public property. She called for "muscle" to remove him and grabbed his camera, to protect spoiled brats who could not handle differing views or free speech. She should have been fired sooner. Im glad she was.

  • University of Missouri Fires Professor Melissa Click After Scuffle With Reporter

    Dr. Click knew her actions were inappropriate and that she was compromising the young reporter's free speech, but she did it anyway. Actions have consequences. She paid for her mistake when they fired her. Dr. Click should count herself lucky that she didn't suffer prison time for the assaulting the reporter.

  • Firing Fair or Not?

    I do think it was fair for the university to fire Melisa Click, seeing as the media had every right to be there. As a professor she knew the media had the right to be there, and there was no need to bring bad publicity to the university. They were already getting unwanted publicity from the protest, and they did not need one of their professors raising anymore awareness to the situation.

  • Yes, she did not have the right to act as she did.

    The student had a right to be there, and he even stated this was so, which Click ignored. She did not have the right to dictate who could be there, and she did not have the right to order hands on him. Having him physically removed was an unnecessary act of violence and a violation of his first amendment rights.

  • Melisa Click's firing is unfair

    The firing of Melisa Click was not fair. She was terminated as Assistant Professor at the University of Missouri after she was caught on video demanding "some muscle" to help remove reporters from a protest. It was the heat of the moment, and she did not advocate anything illegal. She has the right to free speech.

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