Was the first time you saw a McDonald's in your life crazy? Lol

Asked by: Adam2
  • Oh man, I'll never forget it

    It was a ghetto neighborhood in Brooklyn, with rap music and R&B blasting loud out of the speakers of the cars that had the music playing. Double parked cars. Fighting with homies over gold chains. LOL, that day will forever go down in infamy. To think I ever loved McDonald's or rap when I was a baby.

  • I don't remember it

    I don't remember being at McDonald's. I was probably a baby the first time I was there. I doubt it was anything significant. They probably just fed me baby formula and nothing from McDonald's which at that age is a good thing. But other than that I don't remember the first time I tried McDonald's food. I remember when it felt kind of new and great before it just became "OK I'm having McDonalds again".

  • Pointless discussion. But I'm bored.

    Man if that's the worse that's happened to you at a McDonald's, you have it pretty good. Seeing a McDonald's implies passing it on the street or watching an ad on the t.v. How would anyone be able to judge it being 'crazy' or not. Going into one. I would probably not use the word 'crazy' to define the building. (or the people inside) Though being a toddler the most likely time to first enter a place. I probably wasn't old enough to judge anyway.

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