Was the fiscal cliff deal bad for small business?

  • Yes it was

    The tax raises on the so called rich are really going to be on small business owners. Most business owners did not want to see taxes raised at all. Other provisions are going to hurt consumers, thus creating uncertainty in business owners. Deals like this are why business still doesn't want to expand.

  • Yes, for those that are small family businesses.

    I imagine small businesses will be struggling with higher costs. This is a shame because most of those small businesses are really working to support their families and hopefully get a bit ahead, so they are like the heart of the American Dream. Usually those small businesses will hire extra people from within the community when they are doing good, but when things get tight they tend to rely on only family members to work. I don't think that these small businesses were considered very much in the fiscal cliff deal. When these local markets are forced out of business everyone loses because we become captive to the larger corporations.

  • No, the effect of increased taxes of this deal is exaggerated

    When opponents talk about the aspects of the deal that supposedly hurt small businesses, they are talking about an end to the temporary payroll tax cut on social security, and the tax increase on those earning $400,000. Neither of these has anything to do with small business. The assumptions that the public are supposed to make about how small business runs and who owns the business are not valid. We are earning less and paying more because the economy is shrinking, and the opportunities for business owners are still there, though this economy requires greater risk.

  • No, I don't think so

    The fiscal cliff deal is going to be a bit of a burden for just about everyone, which is how it should be. When dealing with very difficult situations, everyone needs to give a little. I don't think the bulk of the burden should be on anyone, and while small businesses will have to pay a share, they don't have to pay any more than anyone else.

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