Was the french monarchy abolished for the wrong reasons?

  • The King Must be Returned

    The monarchy was abolished due to the masonic powers that took power in the wake of Napoleon, in regards to the French revolution. The last king of France King Louis Philippe I, was a true gentleman to his people and argued for peace. What is happening now with the French government, and its head of state is horrible. We need to reinstate King Louis XX (as constitutional monarch) so that France can be at its glory again.

  • Yes it was

    The French monarchy wasn't bad. Actually it was very good. A few months before the Revolution the monarchy and the nobility were trying to pass a law that would help the slaves in the colonies. And his majesty Louis XVI was a good king. The elections for the Estates General were the most democratic elections in Europe until that that time. The revolutionaries murdered the king and his family only for power and to kill their "enemies"!

    Posted by: JRRS
  • It was not, equality was the goal.

    If there were a way to ask French people from that time period today what they thought about the monarchy, I think that they would be pretty firm in their belief that the monarchy was gotten rid of for the right reasons. Equality is the goal and the monarchy lacked that.

  • No, but the methods were sketchy.

    Having studied the fall of the French monarchy I can say in all fairness that the people were terribly misrepresented. As such they had no other means of surviving than to revolt. It really was more of a natural instinct for survival than anything else. The pity of it really was the methods. The people had to go to extremes just to be heard.

  • Nope, the French Monarchy was abolished for the right reasons.

    The French monarchy was abolished because they did not serve the
    interests of the French people. The French people rebelled and murdered
    most of their royalty because they were opulently spending money
    and starving their people. They had a series of wars, a series of taxes,
    and a massive difference between the wealth of the rich and poor.

  • No, There Is No Need For Monarchies At All

    The proper form of government will always be some sort of constitutional democracy. The French monarchy never really cared about its people; it just cared about perpetuating itself. The French Revolution, though flawed, is an important part of history that needs to be studied. It's also an important part of the story of how democracy developed historically.

    Posted by: rpr

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