Was the "Game of Thrones" episode "The Dance of Dragons" a terrible episode?

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  • I believe the episode "Dance of Dragons" was a very good episode

    The episode contained very emotional scenes, both good and bad, and this has created a strong response in the public. The nature of the show is harsh, and viewers should know by know that the story can take both heartbreaking and breathtaking turns. I believe this most recent episode contained both. While Shireen's death was tragic, it was a necessary part of the story and character development. Likewise, the attempted assassination of Dany and her subsequent escape with the help of Drogon was not just fascinating to watch, but an important part of moving her story forward.

  • This is what we have been waiiting for and it is a far cry from terrible.

    Everything is falling into place within this story. Last week started combat with the White Walkers, this week Dany rides a dragon. These are events that we have been waiting years for and now we are getting them. I thought this season started slow but the last two weeks have started blowing my mind again and just in time for the season finale.

  • Game of Thrones episode "the Dance of Dragons" was engaging all the any other episode

    Shows ebb and flow. Sometime an episode is not quite as amazing as the last. However, in the case of 'Game of Thrones', the show is consistently good. An episode might not seem up to par, but it far surpasses the typical quality of content in other shows. Game of Thrones is consistently better than other shows

  • The Game of Thrones episdoe "The Dance of Dragons" was not terrible.

    Each episode of Game of Thrones is great episode. The episode "The Dance of Dragons" was no different, it furthered the plot and went along with the usual theme of the show. This episode was by no means a terrible episode and was for sure a great addition to the rest of the episodes of the show.

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