Was the German soccer team right by deciding not to return to their hotel?

  • Soccer Members Individuals, Should Make Their Own Choices

    The German soccer team was right by deciding not to return to their hotel in Paris. After the bomb threat, many would have fear for their safety. In a time of uncertainty, people should be allowed to choose what to do in regards to their personal safety. Thus, they were right by deciding not to return to their hotel.

  • Better Safe than Sorry

    With the tension surrounding terrorism these days, a bomb threat is no longer a joke to many. These young men made a decision to be safe and that is a very prudent decision, in my opinion. If I was staying in a hotel and a bomb threat was called, I would leave immediately and not go back.

  • Bomb Threat Evacuation

    Whether the bomb threat was credible or a prank call in, it posed as a danger to the team, giving them an obvious good reason to evacuate. Concerned for their safety, it is only logical to not decide to return as it may very well pose a future threat to them as well if they were the intended target.

  • German Soccer Team Right

    The German soccer team was right to not return to their hotel following the Paris attacks. Safety comes before anything else and they should not be thought of unkindly for making a decision with regards to it. The information on the ground was incomplete at the time and they made the best decision during a tense time.

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