• As RebelRebelDixieDixie01 states, Democrats want to spend, spend, spend.

    Regardless of your views on the nature of government, it should be obvious that Democrats are generally in favorite of bigger government. Since the government shutdown decreased the expenses (and thus "size") of government, it would against Democrat goals to shut it down. Democrats always have wanted to increase the debt ceiling, and the debt ceiling was only raised after the government shutdown because of widespread Democratic support and sparse Republican support, showing that Republicans were not opposed to the shutdown or reduction of the size of government. Republicans shut the government down temporarily in an effort to get the Democrats to budge on Obamacare or other spending; while Democrats rejected these "solutions" (hint: REPEAL REPEAL REPEAL), nearly all Democrats supported keeping government open.

  • Yes, the government shutdown was the fault of Republicans

    Republicans, in an effort to overturn Obamacare and promote their own agenda, single-handedly forced the government shutdown through prolonged debates and refusal to vote on compromise resolutions. Rather than working with Democrats to find productive, reasonable solutions to their issues with the budget and Obamacare, they forced a shutdown that left many government workers unpaid and many members of the public unable to use needed government-funded services.

  • You Can't Always Win

    I understand that they dislike the Democrat's spending policies and budgets, but you know what? Too bad! You lost those elections and now a Democrat controls the White House and the Dems control the Senate. I'm sorry you lost the elections, but you did.

    You can not just usurp Democracy because you lost. A government can not ever function if the losers just pull out. It reminds me of the Civil War.

  • Republicans used the government as a pawn

    Republicans sought hostage-style negotiations over unrelated issues before they would negotiate in good faith on a budget. This isn't the way government is meant to operate, and the blame falls squarely on their shoulders. The Affordable Care Act was passed by a majority in both houses and signed into law legally; its repeal should not be the precondition for the government to continue to function.

  • Mainly the Tea Party.

    As the deadline got closer and closer, it became more and more important for a budget to be passed, or the government would shut down. So if the Republicans didn't want it, why did people like Ted Cruz waste so much time filibustering, instead of trying to work something out?

  • Yes, the Republicans pushed it.

    I believe the Republicans were the cause of the government shutdown. Harry Reid had proposed several scenarios for avoiding the shutdown, all of which were not acceptable to John Boehner. It appeared that the Republicans wanted the shutdown to occur, either in an effort to make the Democrats look ineffective, or to prove a point which eluded most of the rest of us.

  • All democrats want to do is

    SPEND SPEND SPEND MORE MONEY, even if we are 16,500,000,000 dollars in debt, just keep spending, then the government has a "shut down" to try and save money, but it only made things worse, so yes, it was the democratic party of America that caused the government to shut down.

  • We can't spend money we don't have.

    The government shutdown was the fault of the Democrats, because the Democrats have to learn that we cannot spend money that we don't have. The Democrats are not flexible in their insistence to spend irresponsibility, and they are going to spend the country out of business. The Republicans are only trying to have better economic policies.

  • It was democrats

    In my opinion, I think that the Democrats were the ones who caused the government to shut down. They kept shooting down the ideas that the Republicans had to fix the government, and they only wanted to raise the debt ceiling, but the Repuclicans were fighting against that, so it shut down.

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