• Yes it was

    I do believe the great flood was real. Some may argue that it is just a myth. However they need to consider the fact that the Great Flood is very possible. Just because we did not see it for ourselves does not mean it did not happen. The Great Flood is a true story and just because there may not be any proof does not mean that it is a myth.

  • Yes. Even someone who does not believe the Bible can see the validity of a great flood by current weather events.

    With all the horrific weather events we have on record over the last several hundred years, why wouldn't weather events have occurred prior to that? Logic says, they would have, so it is very believable that there was a Great Flood. Also, even someone who is not religious, who does not believe in God, can admit that on a historical level, the Bible shares historical truths and the Great Flood is one of them.

  • It is accepted by Historians.

    Most civilizations had a Flood story with the same basic... A man is told by God to take a family of every animal on a boat... Historians even agree with it. There are fossil records everywhere, and signs of mass flooding in place where there is no water. Most historians and archaeologists agree that, somehow, there was a great flood.

  • There is a consensus among civilizations.

    Many of the early civilizations have accounts of a great flood. This does suggest that it was an event that actually happened. What is not clear is which account is the most accurate in terms of specific events. Not every civilization told the story of Noah and his Ark. They do agree that there was a flood though, just like we can agree that the creation of life is an actual historical event, but not necessarily on the individual events.

  • Yes! It Happened!

    There was just a documentary on this, in the last week or two. I'm thinking it was on NGeo, but possibly the History channel. It was really interesting just listening to the discussion of how numerous cultures, Christian or not, have the story of this flood. So, obviously, the event took place. How it actually happened is still open for debate.

  • Of course it did.

    In Eastern Washington State there is a canyon that was eroded through solid basalt by Lake Missoula floods in 1-2 days. This canyon is 300 to 500 feet deep. Now how is that possible? You tell me. There is only one explanation for that kind of erosion and that is a world-wide flood! Well this one is for all of those scientists out there that are such sticklers on the “Big Band Theory.” Do you know what the chances are that there could have been these particles that just smack together and all of the sudden there is an Earth that can, and does, support human life? Well let’s see here. If it did happen, than it happened once out of like fifteen billion years. Now for real, do you really think that is what happened? Some more proof of a world-wide flood are like spontaneous sorting of layers; which is where a bunch of different types of rocks, sand, mud, or whatever else is just mixed up. Think about when you go to make a cake, when you first put every ingredient into the bowl. Do you remember how it looks like before you mix it? How everything is all separated. How they pretty much just stay in the levels that you put them in. Well that is how the Earth is. When the rock forms, they don’t really mix unless some kind of force is placed on them. Again, like when you make the cake. When you whips the ingredients, then they will mix but before that, they will just stay how they were. Since everything has to be so scientific, how about Newton’s law of motion? “When an object is at rest, it will stay at rest until an opposing force acts upon it. And also, when an object is in motion it will stay in motion until it is act upon by an outside force.” So how about that hu? In the case that I am talking about, the object that made the rock start going in motion was the rain and all of the under-ground water that was in the aquifers, or under-ground pools were water is held or kept. The last example I am going to use is the one of the Black Sea. The Black Sea was once a fresh water lake that was well below sea level up until about seven thousand years ago. That was when the Mediterranean Sea pushed out a channel through what we now know as Bosporus, and the water poured out a l rate of about two hundred times the rate of Niagara Falls. That means thaw the Black Sea would have widened at a rate of about one mile a day; which is impossible without some kind of force. Christians know that force as God.

  • Not so much

    Throughout history, the planet was indeed covered up by water in some places over millions of years, but to say that was the result of a higher deity is a bit far fetched. Besides, the bible doesn't really give a clear date as to when it happened. If it were to happen, it could've possibly happened when humans haven't appeared yet. And I feel this could've been a series of floods. A few times during the Paleozoic Era, Mesozoic Era and Cenozoic Era, certain parts of certain continents were submerged under the waves. And most of the animals God called on board were more modern. Um, I'm sure two house cats weren't roaming around the same time dinosaurs were.

  • No it wasn't

    1 - The bible said the mountain tops would be covered by 20 feet of water. Everest is 29,000 feet tall so the flood would have to be 5.5 miles deep. There isn't even close to enough water in the entire world.

    2 - If the ark had been floating at that altitude, the temperature would have been around -50C. Noah and the animals would have frozen to death.

    3 - If everything was covered over by so much water there would be evidence of it everywhere in the world. There isn't.

    4 - How big would the ark have to have been to house *millions* of species and enough food and fresh water to sustain them?

    5 - How did Noah create the required arctic, tropical, desert, maritime, freshwater, saltwater etc environments needed by the different species?

    6 - If there were only 8 humans on the ark why do we have such a diversity of races in the world?

    7 - How could the 8 humans on the ark prepare and put out food for *millions* of creatures every day?

    8 - According to that story god killed very nearly every living thing on earth including almost the entire human population. Does that sound like a loving, forgiving god to you or someone who is worthy of worship?

    9 - The story is based on earlier Babylonian and Sumerian myths so it isn't even Judeo-Christian in origin (see Utnapishtim in the Epic of Gilgamesh or the Akkadian story of Atrahasis).

    10 - All the vegetation in the world would have been submerged under miles of water, cut off from light, oxygen and carbon dioxide, so it would all have died and the carbon cycle would have been disrupted and the production of oxygen ceased, suffocating those left on the ark.

    11 - After the flood there would only have been two of each species. So what did all the predators eat?

    12 - Rainbows are not a sign from god that he won't flood the earth again. They are simply light being refracted through moisture in the atmosphere, a common phenomenon that can also be seen at waterfalls, at the sea and so on.

    13 - Various groups have claimed to have found the ark at *different* sites around the middle-east. Not one of them has provided evidence or been verified.

    14 - Noah is supposed to have been 600 years old when he built the ark. Humans don't live that long.

  • From a Water Resources Engineering Perspective, a Global Flood couldn't have happened.

    Engineers use something called a Probable Maximum Flood to determine flood levels for a given region for construction of secure facilities. Basically, it would be as if all the available water vapor the atmosphere could hold over an area would suddenly rain down on that area. Even this scenario is insufficient to cause a global flood as described in Genesis. I don't think there's a reason to doubt a large regional flood, however.

  • Of Course Not

    Honestly the very idea is ludicrous. There is a great deal of scientific evidence against a global flood, and none for it. In addition, the Noahide flood story is a clear copy of older myths of the region, particularly the tale of Unapishtim in the Sumerian "Epic of Gilgamesh"- in fact, it's almost word for word.

  • Not on the scale that is stated in the Bible, definitely not.

    A flood that would cover the highest mountains is preposterous. There may have been a local flood, and of course the Bible is only concerned with a very small part of the world, in their insular and egotistical naive way the people back then probably thought they were the whole world. But no, there is no way a flood covered the whole earth, it is preposterous, and the people who believe that must have been indoctrinated as children into that cult, because no sane adult would buy that rubbish.

  • No, it is a myth.

    I don't believe there is any archaeological evidence for a flood of world wide proportions, but instead there is localized evidence of flooding in some areas. Different cultures can have similar myths that in fact refer to different events. As we see in our world today, floods can occur that seem immense to us and for people in earlier civilizations whose worlds were much smaller in area they could actually believe that the flood was worldwide.

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