Was the Guardian wrong for publishing the NSA stories?

  • The Guardian was wrong to publish secrets related to national security

    The media has a responsibility to present the news, but publishing NSA stories is a violation of national security. Just because someone has the information doesn't make it public property. The nations safety and security trump any right of the public to have access. The only reporting in this case should be reporting how to handle situations like these in the future. The editors at The Guardian decided that sensationalism is more important to their readers than their safety at home or work.

  • The Guardian did the right thing.

    How interesting it is to me, personally, that the news outlet that performed the most patriotic and American duty ever happens to be a British publication. I don't think that The Guardian was wrong for publishing the NSA stories, and I do think that without their support, it's likely that the stories and Ed Snowden would have been portrayed far differently in the media.

  • No, the press reports the truth.

    There is probably very little, if any, truth that is uncovered about the political and world situation that should not be reported if it is discovered. That was always the work of the press and so there needs not to be censorship and the Guardian did the right thing in informing us.

  • No he did what he thought was right

    The Guardian was acting in the best interests of people when he leaked the stories. He was not in it to be famous or cause problems. He was worried that the government had gone to far in their spying and he tried to do what was right to protect people.

  • Guardian Right to Publish NSA Stories

    Without a doubt, the Guardian was right to publish the NSA surveillance stories. Such documents were illegally obtained but fall under the whistle blowing category. Snowden gave the documents to the Guardian, which in turn released these vitally imporatnt documents. There's no reason the public shouldn't have seen these stories.

  • News Outlets Are Suppose

    I do not believe it was wrong for The Guardian to publish the NSA stories. Journalism is about going out and getting sources and news and information some people don't want you to have. I think most of our journalists and especially our reporters have forgotten this. They are in the field to report the truth, not some candy coated, watered down version that people can swallow easily.

  • The Guardian did as it should have

    Freedom of the press now, and forever. The NSA is a government overreach that needed to come out. This story may have never surfaced without the Guardian publishing it. The Government seems to think it can do anything it would like, without regard to the people. However, publishers such as the Guardian ensure that this is not the case. The Guardian was right to publish the NSA stories.

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