• Yes, the guillotine was inhumane because of the psychological damage it inflicted prior to death.

    Yes, the guillotine was a more inhumane to execute prisoners because it involved a tremendous amount of anticipation and fear that was the exact definition of cruel and unusual punishment. A prisoner had to look at a gruesome device that he knew would end his life, and then wait for an action that was said to cause great deals of pain and suffering, whether or not he knew that to be true. The entire process robbed the prisoner of any chance for solace in his final moments.

  • Yes, it was a very inhumane way to execute prisoners.

    The guillotine was a very inhumane way to execute prisoners. Chopping off someones head is a very violent way to execute them; not to mention extremely gory. Lethal injection is a much more humane way to end a criminal's life. The guillotine would not be a good method for executing prisoners on death row.

  • Yes, I think so.

    The guillotine was created to make decapitation more humane. This was because beheading by sword or axe was error prone and often resulted in the need of several whacks to get the head off. This was painful and generally considered cruel. It was still not as cruel as other forms of execution like disembowelment, starvation, or burning/scorching. All of that said, we feel very attached to our heads and the psychological stress caused by the execution process combined with the potential for the brain to be active for some time after decapitation were enough to label it as cruel and/or unusual.

  • Yes because inhumane means more than just painful.

    The guillotine was more inhumane not only because of manner in which it killed someone, but because of the violence that was associated with it. Watching a loved one get their head chopped off is potentially far more scarring for people than seeing them get a lethal injection. With the injection it has a drug that puts the prisoner asleep and then stops their heart. It doesn't have a 100% success rate but when the guillotine would malfunction it would usually lead to someone still being alive but feeling their neck almost being cut in half.

  • Does it matter?

    If you get sentenced to death clearly you messed up and deserve to die, why should people who rob others people's lives get humane treatment? At least from a guillotine you can get some entertainment, shit I'd watch it on tv, it would be some mighty fine entertainment, gets the government more money as well.

  • No, the guillotine was not really a more inhumane way to execute prisoners.

    No, the guillotine was not really a more inhumane way to execute prisoners because it was immediate. So many criminals are executed in painful ways thanks to problems with the drugs they are administered. The guillotine had one purpose and it completed that purpose as quickly and with as little pain as possible.

  • No, it depends on what they did.

    Actually, murderers are supposed to be sentenced to death, and the guillotine did just the same thing, it cut their heads off, but now, instead, the just choke them until their last breath and they die. And that's quite fair because the one who got murdered, the one who murdered him must die too. But if he killed while he was protecting from being killed, that doesn't mean right away chop their heads off. While thieves have a different method to make them pay. The thief's hand must be cut off. (Depends on which hand he used to steal the thing with if it's with two hands, both get chopped off, if it's with the right hand, chop it off, and if it's with the left hand, chop it off.)

    So I see that this was totally normal because now some of these methods are still used in some countries (without the guillotine). For example, KSA, the thief's hand get cut off if he stole, but if he murdered, they chop off their head.

  • In comparison to other methods, yes

    In comparison to other methods in the time, it is a humane device. Of course no method of killing someone is humane but it would be over quickly and deal you practically no pain you could feel.

    I completely understand the argument of the fear involved but if you're being put to death no matter what device is being used you'll look upon it, knowing that that will end your life.

  • It was infinitely more humane than the alternatives of the time.

    The guillotine was created during the french revolution when everyone's heads were being chopped off. Originally they would use an axe of dubious sharpness that would remove a man's head after multiple hits cauing pain and being inhumane. The guillitine was created to remove one's head in one single blow.

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