• Huge population decrease

    Imagine that the Holocaust never happened. Now imagine those millions of Jews. Now imagine every one of those Jews had 3 children. Then they had 3 children. Then they had 3 children. And it goes on and on and on. This would result in a massive population overgrowth. The Holocaust may have just saved the Earth from becoming over populated for a good amount of time.

  • Population control is necessary

    With the population of the world increasing by over 70 million a year, a few million deaths in a short amount of time can help our over populated planet. Not to sound like a Nazi or anything, but I don't understand why people today are still upset about something that didn't even effect them for the most part. (like what teenager has the right to be upset because their grandparent died before they met them? I never met mine because they died of old age...We missed out on the same thing, but I don't blame time for killing my grandparents.)

  • Look, most of the things you read are wrong.

    It is very much true that it was bad, but as you think over 6 million jews died, that's WRONG. A few hundred died. The jews have published made up stories to support their point of view. So, no problem with overpopulation. The thing is, that killing people is wrong, just as today it is happening in Palestine.

  • Religion, killing itself.

    The problem is Religion is at the root of this. It's fitting how religion is slowly choking itself inside out. This might as well be a holy war of it's own, "Hitler's band of catholic/protestant saints vs The disgusting Jews"
    I mean come on, I agree this is sick, but who is really to blame here? Without religion, Hitler wouldn't have anything to use against the Jews, the Jews would just be "people" why can't we all just be "people" and not use religion to discriminate?

  • A Harbinger of Doom for Theocrats

    Judaism is a theocratic, totalitarian ideology, pure and simple. Jews are spiritual supremacists and regard all of us goys as sub-human to them, at least in Yahweh's eyes. Hitler was ostensibly Catholic, though he stated numerous times that Nazi Germany was to be a secular society guided by rationalism and science. Herein lies the treachery of the Jews. If the Jews weren't theocrats, secular people wouldn't have had to go to such ignominious extremes to rid themselves of such vermin. The holocaust was good, and it was entirely the fault of the Jews.

  • The Engravement of Tragedy

    The horrors of the holocaust is that of the most recent and among the largest genocides in human history. So,why would I think it was a good thing. I believe the holocaust was a necessary current event, and not for population overgrowth for 11 million is a small fraction of the 2 billion people around during the time. Or for all the economical benefits countries had after the holocaust, which was an effect of the war. But simply because it scared us. The whole world knows about the horrors of the Holocaust, and the Bataan Death March. Therefor the second any country begins a genocide the whole world tries to stop the new holocaust. Which is why so many countries fight in the war on terror, and why all countries similar to Nazi Germany have been receiving no support. It is simply because the holocaust scared this world to wear our leaders constantly try to prevent the next mass genocide form doing the same. May we never forget the holocaust.

  • Light in a Dark Place

    Though the fact that it happened and the price paid for what was gained was a very steep one. That does not mean that we can try to pick positive from such a negative event. What we lost was great but from this we benefited from one of the largest medical information surpluses, many procedures that are used in modern medicine, along with many base drugs that we have built on came from all the tragic medical experiments, we built a stronger America, Modern Munitions, Experimental weapons, it created a stronger immunity to powerful motivational speakers. It was a modern day genocide that hit the homefront hard enough that hopefully we can stay prepared and fend off future tragedies. And no it is not the worst or saddest event in history, it was terrible i hurt for all those that were affected in this, but every civilization has tragedies and they have either pushed and benefited from this or have fallen, to give room for the next to build from the ashes.

  • The Jews were a problem all around Europe at the time

    The Jews around that time were tax collectors, bank owners, and always had their hand in someone's pockets, like giving extremely high interest loans and just bad business ethics. If you do a little research you will find that the Jews were chased out of the majority of European countries. The general consensus was that no one likes Jews, and hitler was the only one to do something about it. I know it sounds horrible, but do some research, the real story will blow your mind.

  • Gave many current day medical practices.

    Hitler's studies and experiments on the Jews helped find medical information for, of what could be, very serious issues. This information he found has also saved thousands of lives. Do your research before you jump to any conclusions. Just because he did some very bad things, doesn't mean we can't benefit from it nor does it mean that he was a terrible person.

  • It was good if you are a goyim, but don't want to be a slave to the ashkenazim.

    It depends on your perspective. The objective of Ashkenazim, pursuant to their Talmud, is to enslave all of the goyim. So, if you are a goyim, and you don't want to be a slave, then the Ho£ocau$t was good, because it weakened the ability of the Ashkenazim to enslave you. See Ovadia Yosef, an expert on the Talmud, discussing having goyim slaves.

  • Over 10 million people died

    Explain the disappearance of over 10 million people. Sure population control would be bad but that doesn't mean you go killing people. And Jews wouldn't make up a story if something happened to them, they had life changing experiences and those who survived were scarred for life.

    If you think that the holocaust was good then you all are stupid.

  • The holocaust fuelled anti-sematic propaganda

    I'm not going to bore you with all the thing already on here. So instead I've got a point I haven't seen on here yet. The holocaust fuelled the anti-sematic propaganda spread by the NAZI'S, making many Germans thinking that the Jewish race really was inferior making the hate for Jews even greater; an example of this would be the night of the broken glass where Jewish shops and significant Jewish buildings were broken and raided which led to the 'final solution' were the as chambers where implemented

  • Read this, it makes sense

    Population control was not needed. With all of the technological and architectural advances that we have made, we would have been able to handle the amount of people. There are other ways to advance our medicine. The holocaust did not need to happen, those of you who are choosing to be ignorant and say that there is no way that we would be where we are today are right. We would be further. Within those jews that were killed there were future scientists, doctors, and architects. All of whom could have made advances that could have gotten us much further than we are today.

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  • You're FUCKING STUPID if you think it was a good thing

    I can't believe people actually believe the holocaust was beneficial and necessary. There were sooo many INNOCENT people tortured, enslaved and killed. INNOCENT CHILDREN were killed. Earth is so big, more than enough for everyone. The only way people should be dying is of natural causes such as old age. Anyone that agrees with the holocaust, y'all can meet Hitler and the Nazis in hell!!!

  • It was a very wrong thing to do.

    I agree with everything egrimes had to say about the holocaust. Those innocent Jews were wrongfully killed. The population is already bad right now and we seem to be doing quite okay. If those Jews never died than we still would be okay. I don't believe the holocaust was a good thing.

  • The holocaust was stupid jest like you if you think even a little bit that it was good!

    You think that the "10 million people dieing" is GOOD!!! Then you %100 present stupid. And religions killing there self! That can led to tons and tons of people dieing and the population will decrece loads. So thats why you all that think that the holocust is a good thing. ARE STUPID

  • Yall mfn dumm

    Like 800 billion ppl deaded and you ppl are saying that it was a good thin? I ca nt beleve what i am hering. You mfs are really super dooper dum. THE Biiggest of dumm if you beleve that the holy cost was a cool thing. Hitler cummed at all of the juice and killed them. And that is bad.

  • It was never right to begin with

    Judaism was just a religion, a belief.Everyone has their own belief or opinion, being Jewish makes no difference.The holocaust was not needed.Just because of a belief it doesn't mean killing and a full outbreak of war should be included.The holocaust had affected many people not just Jewish people, it gave long-term effects and even changed the world.Many people were killed, the death count was 6 million deaths and it was the highest death count ever recorded.

  • Yall are all stupid!

    I did studying. And the holocost was out of anger not population control. Even if it was population control u don’t just freakin kill ppl. That’s stupid. Those people saying that “ oh yeah the holocst wa right! “ need to get a freaking life! ! ! ! ! !

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