• Red Cross exposes "Jewish" Holocaust Hoax
    This link shows a photograph of an actual document of the true figures of Jewish deaths in the camps. Check it out for yourself. Not even remotely close to 6 million. The German people were the true victims of the war. My parents and other relatives lived through the war in Germany and their horror stories were pretty telling.

  • Supporters need to provide some verifiable evidence.

    The facilities supposedly built for mass extermination and cremation were so badly designed that they could not have handled a fraction of the claimed victims. The methods employed were so energy extravagant as to be unacceptable in fuel-starved wartime Germany. A bullet was much cheaper and quicker. Holocaust lacks credibility.

  • Media controlled by the very people that instigated this profit machine

    All you have to do here is look further into the past than WW2. The very reason why Germany started to print its own money and why England decided to declare WAR on Germany. Not to forget about the so called Phony War. Lack of decisive documentation stating the deliberate extermination of the Jewish people. The Weimar Republic and the declaration of War from the Judea in 1933 (six weeks after Adolf Hitler was elected). Add the extermination of corruption in the German Government which resulted in prosperity one can easily conclude that Germany was well and truly on its way to becoming the defender of the western European Countries. The very reason why Germany attacked Russia and had no interest in Great Britain and France was because Hitler knew that the red army under control by the non Russians where a real danger which needed to be taken care off. Shame Great Britain had to declare War. Shame indeed. So all in all there was no real reason to exterminate Jews. Just Zionist Supremacist. The Jews really did not declare War on Germany. It where the media controlling Zionist Supremacist. We simply life in a world of deceit and manipulation where the media frenzy is at its max.

  • Yes it was

    The Holocaust is a lie based on various facts:

    - The supposed evidence (i.e. Nuremberg Trials). They spent little focusing on the validity of the events presented by more on persecution. Out of the 1000 hours that went into the trials only 20 was spent on whether any gassing occurred. Many German soldiers had confessions beaten out of them and given the fact that there were over a million survivors why is it that there are all only a select group of them who ever talk.

    - Zyklon B - the supposed chemical used in gassing inmates. After the Allies had bombed supply routes places like Auschwitz received little or no supplies late in the war. This meant a lack of food, medicine and other essentials. During the winter months there were outbreaks of typhus. Typhus spreads usually through lice and can contaminate clothing and bedding. Another reason why inmates were shaved (as were the soldiers). Zyklon B was used to fumigate the clothing and bedding to kill of any disease and bacteria. Zyklon B is ineffective in large scale mass murder.

    - The cremation - It was near to impossible to burn the bodies that current historians accept were burnt at Auschwitz. It takes around an 1 hour to burn a body. Given the fact that there were just 15 actually ovens and that each could fit around only 3 - 4 bodies and that each body requires an hour each. Also if 4 million died that ash must of remained somewhere and to burn this much bodies would require 10,000 tons of coke. Also with modern crematorium ovens each oven requires a cooldown period of 1 hours after each body. Yet the fact that crematoriums were in use only during the late years of the war (1944 - liberation). A specialist in cremating bodies Ivan Lagace stated given the equipment at Auschwitz they could of only burned 180 - 200 bodies per day (this is minus the cooldown period). So in 2 years time.

    15 x 4 x 24 x 2(365) = 1,051,200 - and this is at maximum overdrive and by then all the machines would've of failed anyway.

    There are reports of burning bodies out in the open. They stated that there were 1,000 bodies burnt at a time. To burn that many and especially out in the open would require a 20 meter ditch. Yet at Auschwitz at anything lower than 4 meter you reach water level. Also in crematoriums to burn a body it has to be around 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. Unimaginable out in the cold, moist air of Auschwitz.

    - The change in figures - It is stated it was 1 million then 4 then 6 and then 4. Finally 6 million. Lack of common ground and certainty events coupled with plenty of scientific anomalies it is

    There are plenty of other facts that disprove it but there is just a few.

  • This is a bit dissapointing....

    To the guy who posted this link-http://truedemocracyparty.Net/2012/06/red-cross-expose-jewish-holocaust-hoax/, from the same website comes this page-http://truedemocracyparty.Net/2018/02/invasion-earth-two-3000-mile-wide-cloaked-ufos-assault-north-america-with-arctic-outbreak-rise-of-the-brute-force-birth-of-uedf-united-earth-defense-force/. It is cherrypicking, and whether 1 million or 6 million died, it was still a tragedy. The Nazis were dead set on eradicating Jews, meaning spending preposterous amounts of money for that. If you were dead set on killing an enemy painfully, you would feed them, clothe them, then give them the most painful death. That is why they did all those that you 31% attempted to use as 'credible evidence'.

  • "3,000 liquidated in three hours"

    At his trial the Camp Commandant of Treblinka, Franz Stangl, was asked how many could be murdered in one day. His reply was: "Regarding the question of the optimum amount of people gassed in one day, I can state: according to my estimation a transport of thirty freight cars with 3,000 people was liquidated in three hours. When the work lasted for about fourteen hours, 12,000 to 15,000 were annihilated. There were many days that the work lasted from the early morning until the evening." (The Holocaust Exposed, pg. 163).

  • Like almost every other conspiracy, the theory itself is more of a hoax.

    The evidence is pretty damning, thousands and thousands of records were obtained by the Allied advance near the end of WW2 that clearly demonstrate the intentions behind Hitler's Final Solution. Multiple death camps and concentration camps were discovered in light of it. If you need more evidence of wrongdoing, I'd highly recommend looking over some of the Nuremburg cases and analyzing the evidence there.

  • No it was not a hoax.

    No the Holocaust was not a joke. It was real documented historic event that tore Europe apart and killed and tortured many Jewish people. The amount of pain and devastation caused by this event could not have been hoaxed and the unlimited horror that the Jewish community saw as their loved one were taken, shot, gassed, or murdered in any way thinkable was a tragic and cruel event in history.

  • Hitler was evil and it did happen.

    There are too many supporting pictures, eyewitness accounts and documents to not believe this ever happened. The survivors and the families of those killed would probably like to talk to you. They are dying off. This was horrible what happened. Children who never got to grow up were killed just because of their race. How can you even think such a thing.


    You know that answering yes is an imprisonable offence in Austria, Germany and Holland? In what possible context could the holocaust have been a hoax?!? This is the most ridiculous question I've seen on this entire website, including 'should creationism be taught in biology lessons', 'should we treat transgender high schoolers with equality?' and 'Is it wrong to be homosexual?'. Bloody hell people, we cannot just deny the past.

  • No, it was not

    Six million people in total were deliberately exterminated through the Final Solution. Millions survived long enough to be liberated by the Allies at the end of the war. Through their testimony, and the hours of archival footage recorded by the Nazis themselves, the evidence for the existence and the extent of the Holocaust is undeniable.

  • Of course not!

    There is far too much evidence, both physical and testimonial, to even suggest that the Holocaust was a hoax. There are still buildings and fences standing at locations that were once concentration camps. There are still surviving victims with camp tattoos on their forearms. There are still soldiers alive from World War II who saw the atrocities of the Holocaust with their own eyes.

  • The mere asking of the question is offensive.

    No, the Holocaust was not a hoax, and the mere asking of the question is offensive. With all of the documented history that exists, including those accounts from American soldiers as well as German records and worldwide accounts, if anyone thinks the Holocaust was a hoax, they need to seriously look inside themselves and ask of themselves why they would even consider such a thing.

  • No, the Holocaust Was Not a Hoax.

    The Holocaust was one of the most brutal periods of modern history, and affected millions of people worldwide. During the Holocaust people were killed, experimented on and forced to work themselves to death in labor camps because of their religion, race and physical characteristics. Today, concentration camps are open to the public in an effort to remind people that the past shouldn't be repeated.

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