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  • Why would you blame the one man in the usa who tried to stop it?

    Americans were isolationist before the war, And fairly anti semetic, No one gave two hoots if jews were dying, A lot of americans agreed with the nazis that jews were just a bunch of trouble makes who created communism and pornography and deliberetely tried to subvert every culture they infected to gain power over it. . Even Nixon expressed such views well after the holocaust, Fdr knew that americans did not want to get involved or take refugees, But he nevertheless took great efforts to help the uk and once involed to fight hitler with everything we had. . The blame for the holocausst lies with those who commited it not those who came to the aid of jews. . Were jews at fault/ aybe. They refused to defend themselves. . Maybe instead of blaming the people that tried to actually help jews. . You might blame the jews themselves for not helping themselves.

  • No, that is absurd.

    No, I don't believe that the holocaust was FDR's "indelible failure". Anybody that truly believes that FDR could have in any way prevented the Holocaust from occurring, for lack of a better term, delusional. Adolf Hitler was hell-bent on his anti-Semitic rhetoric and following through with actions that matched the rhetoric. While FDR could probably have done better in the way that he handled his foreign policy matters, nothing he could have done would have slowed the determination of Adolf Hitler.

  • FDR Fought Fascist Germany

    FDR led the fight to defeat fascist Germany in the Second World War. One can easily argue that he did about as much as he could at the time. Besides, it was the Germans who caused the Holocaust. The only way to stop with was utterly defeat them in war.

    Posted by: rpr
  • FDR was not the cause of the Holocaust.

    The Holocaust was not FDR's failure. He had no control of what was going on in Germany, where the Holocaust took place. The only one to blame was Hilter. He hated all Jews, and for that, he tortured men, women and children. FDR faught to help these people, but he was not able to control this. I am sure he did all he could.

  • There is no evidence of this at all.

    I don't know of any evidence that would pin the entire holocaust on FDR. The closest argument I can think of would be the US refusal to take in Jewish refugees, which was an obvious detriment to human rights. It is a far stretch to say FDR was responsible for the entire incident.

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