• Where did all the Jews Go?

    Over 6 million Jews did not just disappear during the war and never return. Holocaust deniers are stupid people that are either neo-nazi's or just conspiracy theorists living under a tin foil hat. Of cause the holocaust is real, it happened, open your eyes people! This question must be a joke.

  • Is this a real question?

    Seriously, with the Nuremberg Trials, the gas chambers, the concentration camps, the survivor stories, how can anyone legitimately think the holocaust was fake? The communiques from the Nazi leadership, the evidence is overwhelming. I defy anyone to provide a convincing argument for why the holocaust was made up. Keep in mind in order to provide such an argument, you must convince me that thousands of people who spoke different languages and never met would be able to coordinate such a story, and that the communications between the Nazi leadership regarding the Final Solution were falsified by both the Soviets and the Americans who recovered them. Good luck to whoever tries to argue such a position.

  • Wow, Just Wow.

    I see on this site that 40% of people think that the holocaust isn't real and was just something that THE WHOLE WORLD Just decided "Hey, Lets pretend to make a mass murder, use TONS Of supplies and make a War over nothing, Huh?" I don't think that happened. In some places saying the holocaust wasn't real is against the law, I hope all of you guys saying no, live in those places, get tracked down, and get arrested.

  • The holocaust was real

    IF you say no you clearly are a Donald Trump what happened to all the people who died in it you cant say that all jews went but neither can you say that some jew went so it is not real if you talked to people who were actually in the camps they would tell you that it was huge

  • Holocaust was real

    I believe that the holocaust was real because Adolf Hitler rounded up jews and put them into concentration camps and he tortured them so we can't say that all this happened and many loved ones were lost so many people arevery sad about that so it definitely happened to many people and we can't say that that never happened.

  • The holocaust was real

    How do you explain all of the 6 million Jews dying and you say that it didn't happen. There is a very good amount of proof that states that the holocaust did occur. If you read social studies textbooks it specifically states that it did happen and there is a lot of proof that states that the holocaust did happen and you say that it never happened.

  • The holocaust was real

    During WWII the holocaust was a very big mile mark in the war tons of people died because the holocaust accrued. So you are telling me that the holocaust never happened then why do social studies textbooks state that it happened. Also that all the Nazis kept record of their prisoners (both Jews and non jewish.

  • Ummm, you got to be kidding me

    I never knew the holocaust was a controversial topic until like a month ago. I mean, it's not really like the Nazis were that SECRETIVE about their beyond atrocious crimes. In my mind it was 1 of the most horrifying things in human history. There is sooo much supporting it, the Nazis even admitted to killing around 10 million people. Even now I can't believe that some people are actually stupid enough to deny 1 of the most well known genocides of all time.

    Posted by: cmck
  • Um, you gotta be kidding me

    I know that people say that all of the holocaust photos were staged, but, c'mon, seriously? The so clearly weren't, I mean, how can anyone be so stupid and heartless as to deny pictures of bullets slamming into innocent children? & it's not like the Nazis were very secretive about their crimes. Denying the holocaust is exactly like denying that we breath air.

  • Yes it is .

    The holocaust did happen there is proof of it. It was one of the saddest times in Jewish history and world history. I don't understand why people don't think it happened. Also hitler did not just single out Jews he killed gypsies and handicapped people it was a very sad and horrible time and if Jews did not escape and other people did not help them then there would not be many Jews left today.

  • A jewish hoax

    Well if we take a look at what the jews got out of the holocauser we clearly see that the jews clearly on another layer of lies every year too keep the money flowing and this my ladies and gents is the holohoax theory. Let's not forget that the number 6 million was used by jews as early as the 1920's

  • There is no hard proof.

    The six million figure is a total sham. First of all, where did that number come from? Was it ever actually verified? If there was a holocaust, I doubt it was anywhere near Six million people. Stalin killed more of his own citizens than that. Auschwitz wasn't even a real gas chamber. Look it up.

  • Of course not

    Real events do not suppress investigation. Why is it illegal to deny the holocaust in so many European countries? Why does Germany and Poland make it illegal to investigate the holocaust happenings? Real events do not fear the truth. The JFK assassination is the most researched murder in human history, and we know Lee Harvey Oswald did it; but if the holocaust occurred, why not allow it to be investigated?

  • Details and the truth

    Something obviously occurred during WWII however to say that so many Jews were exterminated seems like a stretch to the truth. Hitler's Economic acts saved the German Economy however none of this is taught in school with an emphasis being placed on the Holocaust of the Jews. If the holocaust did occur why would a man who had the potential to change the economic situation of a country so quickly choose to single out the Jews. Why is it that Anti Semites still exist today? The holocaust obviously occurred but what are the true details behind the incident?

  • It was real in my mind

    Almanac figures debunk the 6 quintillion, US observed death camps were found to be concentration camps where no murder took place. The only evidence FOR the holocaust was obtained via torture at Nuremberg. And of course one has to notice how the numbers get bumped up every few years despite absolutely zero evidence. Remember to pay your reparations!

  • Happy Holocaust Appreciation Day

    What about all those 4th Generation Holocaust Survivors™ whose great grandaddies died on the masturbation machines and were then turned into tallow and lampshades?

    Do they not deserve generous reparations and compensation for their trauma?

    Is it suddenly not a “crime” to hurt their jewish feelings?

    Jews are Yahweh's Special Demons.

  • Its all fake

    The only evidences they have for the holohoax myth is photos and eye witness evidence. I don't include the fake "death camps" as evidence because they even admit it was rebuilt after the war by the Soviets. They could have changed anything of that building. The photos are clearly false because of Anne Franks step sister says its fake.
    Https://www. Freedomofspeechtwentyfirstcentury. Com/2020/01/anne-franks-step-sister-confirms. Html

    Suprising thing is there were no children at the camps so why are there a bunch of holocaust survivor claim that were children at that time?
    So eye witnesses that are kids at the time of those camps are false.

    Now Red Cross investigated the camps of any type of extermination of Jews and they didn't find anything.
    Https://forum. Codoh. Com/viewtopic. Php? T=2115

  • Inb4 mass graves

    Mass graves have been found all over the world from WWII from various reasons; the mass graves found at the German forced labor camps were not abnormal in any way (magnitude, Quantity, Etc. ) and the approximated dead were more in line with the Red Cross's approximation of roughly 200, 000, Not the 6 gorillion that (((they))) would have us believe.

  • Jewish eyewitnesses only

    The holocaust is based on one thing, Jewish eye witness testimony. There is nothing else, Only anecdotes. Claims are not verified scientifically when cremains could easily be dug up in core samples. One group of people benefit and it is Zionists from this hoax. Other people were in camps but none report the atrocities, Only Jews.

  • The Holohoax didn't happen

    Look at how much the narrative has been revised in the last 75 years. I'll list many of the changes made to the Holohoax orthodoxy as well as a few other pertinent facts.

    1. Originally it was claimed that there were dozens of extermination camps throughout Germany and Poland while today on six Polish camps are claimed to have been death camps. Interesting how the photos show allied troops liberating the death camps when all six modern day death camps were liberated by the Soviets.

    2. The claim of lamoshades and soap made out of jews has been dropped from the narrative and admitted to be atrocity propoganda by jewish holocaust institutions like yad vashem.

    3. Auschwitz museum admits the gas chamber was a post war reconstruction. See the documentary: "david cole in Auschwitz".

    4. The Jewish death toll at Majdanek has fallen from 2. 1 million to 78 thousand a decrease of over 90 percent.

    5. Due to revisionists pointing out the impossibility of 6 milliom being gassed and cremated in the amount of time given for the Holocaust it is now only claimed that 3. 5 million were gassed and the rest perished through a variety of other ways such as death marches.

    6. We are now told that the Nazis had special teams dig up the millions of corpses buried in mass graves and cremate them. The Holocaust authorities want you to believe not only that small, Specialized teams covertly disposed of millions of bodies but also that the bones of these millions of burned bodies were manuslly pulverized by hammers. This claim is due to the fact that holocaust authorities have failed to ever find an actual mass grave.

    7. On a related note the Danube was searched for the thousands of Jewish corpses supposedly down there and not a single corpse was found. I suppose it must have been evil scuba-diving Nazis.

    8. The confessions of high ranking Nazis at the Nuremberg trials were obtained through torture and many of the claims these men "admitted" to have been dropped from the Holocaust narrative.

    9. Even the official holocaust narrative claims that 99% of the zyklon in the camps was used for delousing.

    10. There is a level of inconsistency oneven the badic facts of the Holocaust among survivor accounts, Something which one does not see in the survivor accounts of other twentieth century genocides to remotely the same degree. Paired with this is the fact that some of the most high profile survivor accounts are now known to be fraudulent tales.

    11. Obligatory revisionist statement about the suspicious nature of holocaust denial laws.

    12. The allied powers had aerial photos of the camps all throughout the war and none of these photos show anything which would constitute proof of the Holocaust.

    13. The prisiner facilities of the camps including dentists, Brothels, Maternity wards, Movie theaters, Swimming pools, And post offices.

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