• Yes,the hurricane Katrina aftermath was preventable.

    Yes,the hurricane Katrina aftermath was preventable.The government at both the local and state level made many mistakes.The biggest mistake is probably the lack of preparedness.They never thought a hurricane would come with so many years without one.If they had been prepared like other stores there would basically be no problem at all.

  • It was probably not preventable

    Is a hurricane preventable? Let me think .... no. One cannot predict the damage that a hurricane will cause. The best you can do is be prepare. Sometimes that is not enough. All you can do is brace yourself and hope that you will come out ok after the destructive storm.

  • Yes, the Katrina aftermath had failures on many levels.

    FEMA was one of the agencies that were late in responding to the disaster. The New Orleans government officials also failed in responding quickly. Some of the police force went home and decided to not protect and serve. The National Guard was slow in getting supplies to the people in need. Disasters like this will, hopefully, be prevented in the future, by learning from the mistakes that were made after Katrina.

  • Yes, Hurrican Katrina 's aftermath was preventable.

    The cities especially New Orleans was not prepared for the disaster. They made a big mistake. They should have stocked up food, water, and other supplies in the shelters and had the necessary personnel to take care of the survivors staffed in the shelters before the storm hit. They also could have found a way to store the supplies to protect them from lost or damage during the storm.

  • People were left to suffer.

    Yes, the hurricane Katrina aftermath was preventable, because there were so many things that could have been done better. There is no reason that there was not a helicopter to send supplies to people stuck at the superdome. There is no reason that law enforcement could not have been shipped in if the people could not be shipped out.

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