• Open you eyes

    In 9/11 2996 people died but in the Iraq war a half milion died. You're sad because it happend to you're country but you dont feel shame what you have done to other countries . Other countries got even more poor and you kill innocent people and complain that we muslims are terrorists but you are the terrorist.

  • Just cause there muslim its not fair for them.

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  • YES. We destroyed a nation and killed thousands for no reason.

    The bloodthirsty politicians made sure we created an event which destroyed families and killed thousands. This was an event set in motion on ABSOLUTE LIES. If you disagree that it was a crime, go online and look at the pictures of the children with heads blown off, of charred limbs of innocent civillians. Go look at pictures of the young men from our country who were straight out of high school, bloody and crumpled from an unjust war. Look at pictures of children screaming at the bloodied burned corpses of their innocent parents. Then tell me this wasn't as bad as 9/11.

  • No brainier. Iraq was innocent of all charges and the war gave rise to ISIS.

    If you look at the fact that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 and the people of Iraq were as innocent as the people of New York. 9/11 had about over 2,000 innocent people killed and who knows how many Iraqis died (last I heard, it was well over a million). A few other people died of illness, from 9/11, like lung problems from asbestos but they weren't as high as the number of Iraqis that suffered from birth defects and cancer from unconventional weapons that we used (like DU). Iraq had no more weapons of mass destruction, we destroyed most of them in the first war and we gave them the weapons in the first place. On top of that , we used Weapons of mass destruction on them, like DU and White phosphorous on them. We tortured many Iraqis that many were admitted to have been taken prisoners for no real crimes nor for fighting. We also destroyed the whole country and it will be in a civil war for years more, that will cost millions more lives of the Iraqi people and many people predicted the this would happen in the first place. I really could go on and on but what's the point, people refuse to listen to the truth and think we are innocent even when we get caught red handed.

  • It Absolutely Was!

    First of all The war was based on faulty intelligence while opposing intelligence was purposely ignored. That counts as a lie. Second, the agenda was to get Saddam, who had nothing to do with 9/11. Third, It was a war to "get them there before they we have to fight them here", which is not even a reason to have a war. That's not defense, thats offense disguised as defense.

  • Yes it is

    More people died for a reason just as bogus as the reason for the 9/11 attacks. There was no real evidence of WMD's and Saddam Hussein was in no way connected to Al-Qaeda. All the reasons given by theBush administration to declare war against Iraq were lies. At least the terrorists really believed they were doing the right thing. Bush knew that this war was built on lies.

  • The Iraq War was a crime!

    I think what we did to Iraq was far worse than 9/11. Not to downplay the tragedy of New York City, but relatively what Bush did to Iraq was much worse. The main attack on the World Trade Center was over in about a day while the Iraq War lasted nearly a decade with continual bombings and death. And they are now left with an even worse government than that of Saddam Hussein. The U.S. had absolutely no authority to arrest and execute Saddam Hussein and there was no evidence that Hussein was in any way behind the 9/11 attacks. Bush was chomping at the bit to invade Iraq almost from the moment he was chosen, by the Supreme Court (not the people) to be President and he cynically used 9/11 as a convenient excuse. That was the biggest slap in the face to all the people who lost loved ones in the attack. Bush and Cheney should be brought to trial to answer for what they did.

  • No, the Iraq war was not a worse crime than 9/11

    No, I don't believe that the Iraq War was a crime worse than 9/11. What the terrorists did on September 11th was a purposeful and successful attempt at taking the most human lives as possible. There was no legitimate reason for the attack other than to inflict as much damage on the United States as possible. While the Iraq War was started under what most believe to be false pretenses (WMDs), there is a consensus that purposeful harm was not to be intended to the people in Iraq. The Iraq War did take Saddam Hussein out of power, also, which many Iraqis praised the US for. Also, whatever damage we did to Iraq and the Iraqi people we tried to fix. Although their was a tragic loss of innocent lives in the Iraq War as well, it was not a worse crime than 9/11, in fact it was not a crime at all, in my opinion.

  • No, it was a result

    The Iraq war was a result of the crime committed on 9/11. When our country was attacked on 9/11 we retaliated to make sure that this was not going to happen again to to find the people that were responsible for not only 9/11, but many more terrorists attacks on multiple countries.

  • No, the Iraq War was not exactly a crime, where the 9/11 incident was definitely a crime.

    I feel as thought the actions that took place in New York on 9/11 were a direct crime against the citizens of New York, as well as America. The war in Iraq is a tragedy, but not what I would consider a crime since we chose to be there to defend a cause we firmly believed in.

  • No

    9/11 was way worse than the Iraq war. 9/11 was an unprovoked act of terrorism on the American people. The Iraq war was our retaliation. It is awful that citizens were killed as a result but collateral damage is always a result of war. Saying that the war is an abomination is like saying WWII was an abomination because a few French and Germans were killed as a result of American shells. Or that dropping bombs on Japan was wrong even though it ended a long and bloody war. I do think that after we killed Osama we should have immediately pulled out of Afghanistan. Terrorists are like bees. You can destroy a hive but they will always come back.

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