• It is possible.

    What we know for certain is that the reasons why we got into the war were wrong and most likely falsified. We also know that Halliburton made 40 billion dollars worth of profits. It seems strangely coincidental, don't you think? Many companies have made billions worth of profit off this war.

  • It was primarily about oil.

    Yes, I think that the Iraq War was at least primarily about oil. I do not think that it was actually thought that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, even though that was what the American public was initially told. I believe the Iraq War was also about attempting to liberate Iraq.

  • The coincidences are awfully funny.

    It's really quite funny how things turned out when it comes to Iraq. From what I've read, every barrel of oil in the world is to be traded in US dollars. Well, about a month before we invaded Iraq, Iraq announced that they were going to start selling oil in the European currency.

    Now, I'm not saying that it's definitely only because of oil, but I'm going to say that that's probably a major reason for it and that the coincidences are awfully telling.

  • It was not.

    I think that we did indeed invade Iraq for reasons other than the ones given to us, but I do not think that we went there for oil. Or, at the very least if we did go there for oil, we failed miserably in our efforts, since gas is still expensive.

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