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  • No No No! Save the Iraqi minorities Mendaean's-Chaldean's-Assyrian's-Yazidi's

    "I think we have decided we were going to pick dictators, and we're going to topple this one, then we're going to help topple this one, then we're going to take this one out. And what's left in the aftermath is instability, chaos, ISIS, an emboldened Al Qaeda in Iraq. We have seen mass instability post-9/11 in the Middle East. We have not made the situation better in the Middle East. I don't think we've -- Have we made the situation better for the Christians who lived in peace in Iraq? Because last time I checked there were 1.7 millions Christians who lived in Iraq, in Nineveh plains, in southern Iraq. They were largely left alone by Saddam. Now Saddam was an evil man. But Christians now have been destroyed, subjugated, their girls have been taken into sex slavery. They have lost their ancestral homeland. They have lost their churches. They have lost their priests. They have lost everything that they owned. And we almost never hear about them. We never hear anything about the Christians in the Middle East and what they've gone through. " Laura Ingraham

  • Hell No! The Iraq war was the biggest mistake of the 21st Century

    George Bush is a complete moron, he invaded a beautiful nation, wasted trillions of dollars and killed hundreds of thousands of artistic and harmonious people to remove one man who did not pose 1/100000th the threat that North Korea's dictator or ISIS poses to the world. Saddam was a secular man who although ruled with an iron fist never hurt minorities such as Mendaeans, Chaldean's, Assyrians, and Yazidis, and held not only his country together but also the entire region. I would pick Saddam Hussein over George W. Bush to be my president any day.

  • The war in Iraq was a disaster times 1 trillion

    In the south Carolina debate Donald Trump went very hard on Jeb for defending the lies that spewed from George Bush and the Dick's mouth leading up to the invasion. For eight years the Bush-Dick-Blair administration lied to the world about weapons of Mass destruction that Iraq never had, and caused many problems that are still evolving into even bigger problems as we speak. Iraqi Assyrians, Chaldean's, Mendaeans, Yazidis and other minorities are in massive diaspora. Iraq is in ruins, the nation is run by greedy bastards and terrorist groups like ISIS, and the people are suffering on a massive scale. I hate Donald Trump, but when the primary candidate of your own party says the war was a mistake then it was surely a mistake.

  • A nation that supports war is a nation that is the rock in the world's shoe....It must be removed

    I believe that leaders are those that guide a team to prosperity and help others gain the same status by guiding them and nurturing them. Oppositely, Bush wanted to forcefully implement a rule over the same people that had beat his father when he invaded Iraq. As his son, he was tasked with completing a job that his father left incomplete. This meddling in the affairs of a nation in the process of reconstruction from 2 major wars, was thrown into yet another chaos caused by the very Americans that pushed their way into unfamiliar territory not once...But twice. A terrorist is labeled on those who terrorize...And the brutal American war machine is a filthy, dishonorable group of goons who knock over the first domino of destruction and wait in the shadows to watch the damage unfold as men who were once brothers, fight against each other for an artificial cause designed to fill the pockets of one people...The Americans. As long as there is a white house...There will always be bloodshed

  • The Iraq War was not Worth It.

    After years of fighting, there is still chaos in Iraq. Although Saddam Hussein was a terrible leader, there was a lot less violence under his regime. The vacuum of power has led to a civil war that is still going on today, and it has allowed terrorism to spreak in Iraq.

  • No, it's a disaster

    The region is more unstable than it was before the war, and on top of that it hates us more than it did too. The war was justified on top of lies, and with those exposed there's no way to look at it and say it was something that was wise.

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