• The only reasonable conclusion.

    The intervention in iraq was necessary and inevitable. By intervening when they did, the allies saved many lives and much cost. Surely the cost of leaving a militaristic psycopath in power, free to butcher his people, develop nuclear weapons , and perhaps even die and leave the country in the hands of his two even madder sons would have been far greater. Not to mention the deliverance of liberty and democeacy, you know, the little things.

  • It was the cost that has being paid throughout history for liberation.

    Certified Iraq as being nuclear disarmed, rather then accept the word of a psychopathic dictator who owned a keystone state in the middle east. This dictator and his criminal family/organisation, killed 360,000 kurdish and Shiite people. Overthrow of Talibaanism/Baathanism, encouraged democractic and civil society movements in Egypt, Syria, and Lebanon.

  • Is any war worth the costs?

    There are dead soldiers, Innocent civilians, and we are left with ISIS. What did we accomplish? How an you say people are being liberated through our bombs? What we really need to do is educate the public and prove to them that supporting a dictatorship is pointless. Without the public as a foundation, The dictatorship will have no structure to rely on. If anything we have only proved them that our democracy is too, flawed.

  • No, America had no rights in Iraq

    Just look at the huge cost in loss of life to the Iraqi people for this needless attack on Iraq by the US. Surely the US are guilty of crimes against humanity yet we did not see Bush on the gallows? where is justice? The President of Iraq was murdered and the real criminal has not been incarcerated!

    Posted by: ngl
  • It's not worth it

    The Iraq war is not worth the costs, in terms of money, and resources and lives lost. The war so far has not produced anything positive and now, the Iraqis that we have trained are starting to turn on the troops. I have heard of many instances in which american military-trained Iraqis have turned and killed our military members. This war has also contributed to our ever growing national deficit. So no, the Iraq war has not been worth the costs.

  • No war is truly worth the costs

    In money and in lives, the outcomes far outweigh any supposed benefit to war. The only ones that benefit are the politicians, no one else ever does. They are totally senseless, the Iraq war especially so, as it was based upon a lie in the first place. It never ever should have happened, and a decade later we are paying the price big time for the folly that it did. So no the Iraq war was not worth the cost at all, no war ever is.

  • The Iraq War was unjustified and costly

    The Iraq War by many estimates cost around $1 trillion. Almost 5,000 Americans were killed, over 100,000 wounded. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians were killed, and we lost our credibility on the world stage. There is also evidence that our actions have increased the recruitment numbers of terrorist organizations. It is difficult to justify anything so costly.

    After the disintegrating specter of any WMDs, the only reason for the Iraq War would be to dispose of a terrible dictator. However, despite his past atrocities, it would be hypocritical to support aggression against Sadam Hussein and not other genocidal world leaders. In circumstances such as these, we must rely upon international law.

  • No, the nine-year Iraq war was not worth the costs!

    Yes, the U.S. has captured Saddam Hussein during the nine-year war. But is all that really worth over a trillion dollars and well over four thousand deaths of the U.S. Military?

    In Iraq there was $10 billion mismanaged and wasted money as of February 2007 Congressional hearings. Although, the war was something everyone felt was somewhat necessary, it wasted a lot of the U.S. taxpayers' money. The spent and approved spending in Iraq totaled over 1 trillion dollars which was mostly used for things that never made it to the troops. June of 2011 there was 6.6 billion dollars of U.S. taxpayer money that was lost or reported stolen in merchandise such as weapons and other war related items.

  • No, the Iraq War did not justify the financial cost or the cost of human life America has endured

    The Iraq War was most definitely NOT worth the costs that America paid. The war was launched under the false premise that Iraq and Suddam Hussain possessed weapons of mass destruction, which proved to not be the case. The U.S. lost a number of brave military members during the invasion and ensuing occupation, not to mention the billions of dollars the country accumulated in debt.

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