• Ample evidence to show

    I will list, in no particular order, evidence that is both old and new that discredits the Warren Commission:
    Magic Bullet: The trajectory invalidates both shooter origin and laws of physics
    Front/back inertia: both bullets hit from front to back, as the body motion suggests, invalidating depository location
    Medical data altered: reports were 'doctored' (verified today) to fit the narrative of lone shooter
    Lone Shooter rate-of-fire: there is no practical way that Oswald would have been able to shoot that fast with at a moving target with the haphazard gun and scope (misaligned) that he had. (Lone shooter vs multiple prevented a full federal investigation, not the later 'commission', and thus less scrutinizing methods)
    Confession of James Files (Sutton): former paratrooper and black-box operator hired to kill JFK

  • I think that the JFK assassination was an inside job.

    I think that the JFK assassination was an inside job. Deep down, I think that many of us realize
    that there was something terribly wrong with the whole way that assassination
    happened. JFK should have never been
    riding down that street in a convertible around all of those tall
    buildings. It had to be an inside job.

  • Yes, the assassin was hypnotized.

    The most famous photo is one of JFK before he is murdered, and a woman wearing a white dress with red polka dots is seen close to JFK. A few seconds later, he is shot by a gunman who later on doesn't even remember it. Darren Brown did a program on hypnotizing a person into a state that when shown a certain pattern or noise, goes into a special trance. This trance he does makes his host over 50% more accurate, but doesn't remember a thing. Go on youtube and search it up, its pretty cool. Anyway, this man is believed to have been hypnotized by an inside force, perhaps the CIA or some people even think the Illuminati, and triggered by this dress to go into the shooting mode to kill JFK. So yes, it was most probably an inside job.

  • Both sides have evidence but I would guess no

    I would argue that the JFK assassination was most likely done by Oswald however I would not be surprised if new evidence found that it was the CIA that did it. JFK hated the CIA (with good reason) and said we would dismantle it. Not only that but Oswald and the man who shot him are both dead. In conclusion it could have just been Oswald or it is possible it was the CIA.

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