Was the latest episode of Sons of Anarchy the best of the season so far?

  • Best season ever

    This season of Sons of Anarchy had to of been the best season that they have had. I have never watched the show but from what i've seen it was a great show that i should've kept up on. This season seemed to have so many things going on. People love watching violent shows and that is exactly what this show was.

  • They have good writers

    Yes, I think that the Sons of Anarchy's latest episode was the best one yet, because it had the most interesting plot to it. They really have talented writers working on that show. With a lot of shows, Duck Dynasty comes to mind, the show has gotten worse over time, but Sons of Anarchy has good writers and it has only gotten better with each episode.

  • No, latest episode of Sons of Anarchy was extremely explicit

    In the latest episode of Sons of Anarchy, the first few minutes of the episode walked a thin line between drama and pornography. Several different couples were seen engaging in various sexual acts, including the main character Jax, which had his buttocks on full display. While sex is not a foreign theme to the show, the opening sequence seemed to be a bit much.

  • Sons of Boredom

    I call it Sons of Boredom because I do not care for the show. Someone else in my house tunes in and I am in the same room with them. I did not see the last episode as anything special. It could be the genre or that something like it has already been done before.

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