Was the legal prosecution and the government's insistent persecution of Aaron Swartz justified?

Asked by: AnonyFeline
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  • Aaron was innocent

    Aaron Swartz was simply guilty of trying to make information and knowledge free for all of us, putting it within the commons where it belongs. For this, at the behest of their corporate masters, the US government hunted him down and led him to commit suicide, all because he wanted to make things free.

  • Legal prosecution and the government's insistence on persecuting Aaron Swartz was completely unjustified.

    The government is an overpowered bully attacking anyone who does anything to make citizens aware. It has gotten to the point that the government is readying the military and police to blindly attack citizens in the name of 'terrorism.' The American government is the biggest, worst, terrorist organization you will ever find in the world, or history.

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