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  • No, No, No, god no.

    Maybe I am just one of those people who likes a book to be a visualization of the book, not something loosely based off of the characters and plot.

    1. The Pearls. What the heck! In the book there were no pearls that the characters were looking for. Percy was randomly handed them at some point. (I forget when) They met the monsters that they did because they just wandered across America, not because they went there intentionally.

    2. Their ages. Percy, Annabeth and Grover are all supposed to be about 13 right? So why do they look, act, and get treated like their 17?

    3. The Pearls again. Percy's mom was the one they left in the underworld. It seemed to me that the only reason the directors decided to have Grover be the one left in the underworld was for a cheap laugh with Persephone.

    4. Clarisse. Where was she? She was a pretty major character when Percy gets to camp, and if they are making a second movie, what about her? I know they can't show every named character, but she is fairly integral to the plot of the second book, so how do they plan to introduce her if they do a second movie?

    5. Annabeth. Her appearance is completely wrong. In the book Riordan (the author) continually describes her as having blond hair and grey eyes.

    I haven't watched the movie recently so I am sure I am missing pieces of my original tirade after watching the movie.

  • The movie was bad, the book was good.

    The Lightning Thief, a part of the Percy Jackson & The Olympians series, was a very popular book, and one that I enjoyed a lot. But then, they decide to make a movie out of it, and it all fell apart for multiple reasons.

    1) The plot of the movie was almost entirely different from the book. Many things were left out, many things added, and some changed around. Basically, they made a different movie.

    2) The new plot was arguably pretty stupid. The book one was much better.

    3) By the time the movie came out, the series was already done with, and a new series started a few months later.

    All in all, it was a bad movie.

  • No, oh my GODS no.

    I hope alot of the people had read the books before the movie- so they can experience how enraged I am. Individually, it was a good movie- but because the books were out first I'm gonna say NO. Percy is at least 5 years older. 5 FRICKIN YEARS. I don't even think he knew before camp half-blood he could breath underwater.
    And Annabeth-
    Oh Annabeth, I had already accepted that before the movie she probably wouldn't have grey eyes (not many people do, but they could of given her contacts.) Then it was the hair (Brownish, they could of dyed it) and they didn't put in THE CATCHPHRASE. Oh my gods was her trade mark catchphrase but they couldn't put that in the script? Plus, she should of been interested in Architecture. I could go on but I need to recede into my bed and cry about the failed movie. I will not go on.

  • Super horrible movie

    This movie would be good if it had not been made based on a book. Usually when you base it on a book its supposed to be like the book. It didn't even tell the whole plot about kronos, Or at least make the character description right. Like seriously is it so hard to find twelve year old actors.

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