• Yes Kosta Karageorge team feels a great loss

    Yes the loss of Kosta Karageorge was big loss for the football team because he played a vital role to his team, as all the othet players have and will continue to do for their team. Every player plays a vital roll to their team mates and they all are part of an extended family. These team mates have lost one of their own.

  • Yes, the loss of one of Ohio State's players was big.

    Several days ago Kosta Karageorge went missing and left a disturbing voicemail to his mother. He complained about his head not feeling right ever since he suffered a concussion. After a police search, they found his body with what is presumed to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound. All the players must be considering their own safety in this time.

  • The loss of Kosta Karageorge is a loss for Ohio State.

    The suicide of Kosta Karageorge is likely to be taken hard by the Ohio State football players. It is reported that Karageorge suffered from concussions received during football games. This will have a significant emotional affect on his fellow team mates. They are certain to feel the emotional loss of a friend, as well as the concern of the affects that continuing to play the game might have on their own bodies and mental well being.

  • Yes, it will be.

    I think it is a very tragic thing that happened to Kosta and even if they can replace his talent on the field, this event will obviously effect the team mentally in a very large way. It is a shame that nothing could be done to save him before he decided to take his life.

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