• Yes, with American backing.

    Yes, the military ouster of Morsi was a coup, because he was forced out under military pressure. Unfortunately, this coup was with Obama's background, which is extremely liberal, he wanted Morsi to leave, so that the people could have more self-determination. In reality, this means that the Muslims have more influence. Obama did not have a problem with that. It was a military coup with Obama's backing.

  • Nearly Bloodless Coup

    The ouster of Mohamed Morsi in Egypt was a nearly bloodless coup of Egypt's successor to Hosni Mubarak. Egypt now goes back to the drawing board of picking a new leader--there are still constitutional issues to be worked out. Morsi didn't enact as many reforms as the military had hoped, so he was ousted, even though he was duly elected. Hopefully, the next president lasts longer than a year.

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