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Was the Missouri Synod (Lutheranism) formed because of Masonry in mainstream Lutheran Churches?

Asked by: Adam2
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    I heard that mainstream Lutheranism in the 19th century was a haven of Freemasons (and Klansman as a result), and many rebels within the established church did not like that. Hence, the Missouri Synod was born. I think it's a good church too. Very nice people, much like Amish, Catholics and Disciples of Christ.

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    Apparently, you have not done any research. The Missouri Synod was born of people fleeing the forced Prussian Union of Churches in Germany, which combined Calvinism and Lutheranism. Lutherans, afraid that they would be forced to compromise certain beliefs like Single Predestination, the Real Presence, and unconditional adherence to the Book of Concord (which makes a Lutheran a Lutheran), came to America and founded a Church grounded in Scripture and the Confessions. Lutheranism as a whole (historically) has been very anti-Masonic, unlike the Episcopal and Methodist churches.

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