Was the Mitch McConnell recording really that bad?

  • Yes, it was illegal and unethical.

    The recent scandal involving Mitch McConnell's office and Progress Kentucky is bad for several reasons: 1) not only is bugging a political opponent's office downright illegal and unethical, but the press coverage clearly shows a media bias in the reporting. For example, during the ACORN scandal videos, the liberal media condemned James O'Keefe (the video maker) for showing a left-leaning organization in negative light. But in this case, the illegally-obtained audio recordings are being praised as "good journalism" specifically because it sheds negative light on a Republican Senator. This clear media bias is disheartening and the reporting on this story does not condemn the illegal actions of bugging a private meeting at all. If the ideologies in this story were role-reversed, I guarantee we would be seeing a much different tone emitting from the established media.

  • Not especially, no

    As much as I hate Turtle Face, he really didn't say anything damning in that recording, particularly in the context of how awful he is typically. There's a reason the press hasn't been all over it and it was more or less a one day story, nobody cares because there's nothing surprising in it.

  • No, it was completely standard political strategy

    Although it may seem shocking to those who do not follow politics, the only surprising thing about the Mitch McConnell tape is that somebody thought it was important enough to release it. Any political strategist at all would tell you that attacking your opponent based on their admitted mental problems is a solid strategy. The only shocking thing would be if this was NOT a strategy for McConnell.

  • The recording was simply a run of the mill conversation.

    There was nothing outrageous about the conversation itself. People typically speak in a very relaxed manner with their close friends, and it's well known that political campaigns involve digging up dirt on the opposition. The only real issue on this otherwise overly sensationalized occurrence is the legality of someone snooping in on a call and recording it.

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