• The mythbusters have proven it

    Everyone in the mythbusters steam have simulated gravity in a space suit that matched the same weight and dimensions of the real deal, they have proven that the moonsand actually reflects sunlight(because in a picture, an astronaut was in the shadow of a spacecraft and was clearly visible), a boot can leave an imprint on moonsand, and they got into a laser observatory-aim it at the moon-and got back a signal from an installed base.So yeah.America went there

  • Yes, of course it was

    Anyone who thinks the moon landings were a hoax is quite simply an idiot. All the arguments that it was some grand conspiracy do not make sense, especially since no one has leaked out this grand conspiracy in over forty years. How is that even possible? This conspiracy theory is a joke.

  • It Is Real With Proof

    The moon landing is completely real. When the landing occurred, there was a device installed on the moon which allowed for scientists to have a more accurate picture of the time on the earth as it rotates around the moon. There is no way that it could have been faked.

  • Was All Faked

    Just because the flag is proven to wave in a vacuum does not mean it waved on the moon and not inside a vacuum filled room. Also MythBusters have proven that the pictures with astronauts lit up despite a single source of light behind them, can be taken on EARTH

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