Was the moon landing that took place in 1969 actually just a simulation?

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  • We have moon rocks

    Moon rocks are very important and are evidence that we didn't fake the landings. Sure, the FOOTAGE might be faked, after all there was a rock labeled, "G". But we have pictures, dirt samples, rocks, even the astronauts themselves as evidence to prove that the moon landing was not faked.

  • No, there would be no reason to simulate it

    The moon landing in 1969 certainly brought forth great social and technological advances, but there was no reason to fake it. In fact, there is evidence that it was not faked. The astronauts brought back evidence, and the technology they used to get there was used for further technological advances.

  • No, the moon landing was an actual event.

    A huge amount of both historical and scientific data support the fact that man in fact did walk on the moon in 1969. The moon landing was predicted by President John F. Kennedy, and the fact that it did occur is backed by the comments of the hundreds who were involved in making it happen.

  • No, the 1969 moon landing was real.

    No, in 1969 there was an actual manned space craft that landed on the moon. The rumors that this was just a simulation was based on the simulations that NASA had televised weeks earlier. However, when Neil Armstrong stepped out of the spacecraft, he stepped onto the moon's surface. The footprints and American flag that were planted from that mission remain.

  • It is not likely that the moon landing in 1969 was a simulation.

    Although it has been established that it is completely possible that the 1969 moon landing was just a simulation, it is not likely that it was. To pull off a hoax of that magnitude and keep it a secret would involve literally hundreds, if not thousands, of people. That such a secret could be kept for nearly half a century is extremely unlikely.

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