• This really was a stupid thing to do.

    What did he expect ro find? A floor littered with bones? Mounds of cash? Guys in cement shoes and other so-called Capone-style executions? I watched this farce, and laughted my head off at the end.

    I knew Chicago, lived there back then, and thought that it was a major insult.

  • It Was Pretty Big

    I have a hard time saying that the show Mystery of Al Capone's Vault was the biggest failure on television, but it certainly was a loss for the network. This of course is the problem when you're opening something and don't know what's inside, it can always be disappointing if you don't know how the show is going to end.

  • It's up there

    It is definitely one of the bigger failures in television. They should have paid to film it, but not have it live and create a sort of documentary around it. There was way too much lead up to basically not have anything happen. They should have thought more about it.

  • A failure is forgotten

    The Mystery of Al Capone's Vault special was not a failure, but an outright fiasco. And it was such a fiasco, such a flaming disaster, that it ended up catapulting the career of its host and producer, Geraldo Rivera, to extravagant heights that he could not have previously imagined happening before.

  • there is a lot

    One can't say simply that this is the biggest failure that has been seen in TV. That is such a large issue to be even talking about in the first place. What about all of the other stuff that is seen or had been seen all across TV and the other media sources.

  • It not the biggest failure

    No, I do not think that the Mystery of Al Capone's vault hosted by Geraldo Rivera was the biggest failure on television. I think that today's generation is really not interested in Al Capone so it just did not catch on as much as the creators would have hoped. Geraldo Rivera is not very popular or riveting as some may have thought. The show was not thought out well so it failed, but I am sure it was not the biggest.

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