• Outlander Jumps the Shark

    Good storytelling doesn’t need to rub your face in it to this degree. We get it, okay? We don’t need to have the whole thing graphically spelled out to this degree. Previous episodes have been graphic and it worked but this was self-indulgence from the directors and went way over the line. That’s a shame as I was enjoying this series but now I think it’s “Jumped the Shark”.

  • Way too graphic!

    He was being raped and tortured! It was absolutely heart-wrenching! However, I do believe that is sheds light on the fact that rape in men is not that uncommon. 1 in 6 men are raped, which is an extremely high number of men compared to what most people believe about the topic.

  • Sickening, not needed

    The finale had promise. It had a good story, but the directors and producers think we can't enjoy a good story without tons of gratuitous sex and violence, and this was beyond that. It was sick. A good story can be told without graphic rape and torture scenes. In fact, a good storyteller, producer, director, doesn't have to resort to those things in order to entertain. What a waste of a great show. Haven't read the books, but if these scenes represent what's in them, then shame on her too. I'm done with it.

  • No the season finale of 'Outlander' was not too graphic.

    No the season finale of 'Outlander' was not too graphic, considering how dark that series itself it. While it can safely be said that never has such a graphic an act of male-on-male sexual violence been shown on television the act was within the context of the storyline and added value to the show overall.

  • It is what it is

    The Outlander Season Finale was not to graphic. We see things on the television everyday and usually it is worse than the Finale we had seen. Was a little excessive? I would say that it was but, overall i'm not going to go against them. I thought it was pretty good, and hopefully it will be better next year.

  • The season finale of "Outlander" was not too graphic.

    Television and movies have really accelerated the violence and graphic depiction of such acts. The season finale of "Outlander" a show which has already shown itself to be very violent and uncompromising continued in that tradition, giving viewers a healthy dose of what they have come to expect. The show however did not get too graphic.

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