Was "The Phantom Menace" the worst Star Wars movie?

Asked by: Cat47
  • It's a great movie, but not the best Star Wars film.

    It's, in my book, a great movie. Great soundtrack, okay CGI for the time, and was enjoyable enough. It's not a good Star Wars movie for me, however. It doesn't really push the message the original trilogy sent home and doesn't have the same tone and feeling to it, making it a not substantial 'Star Wars' movie. It shoved in new plot elements that Star Wars was better off without, and the cast choice left a bit to be desired. (Love Liam Neeson, tho.)

  • Bad movie I didn't like it

    This movie was a bad movie in my opinion and it was the worst inightmare the star wars franchise even in 1-3. It was so bad I didn't see the next onestep for a long time because I thought they'd be this bad. They were bead but not as worse as this one

  • Yes but that's like being the poorest billionaire in the world.

    It simply is a wee bit off. Lacking the practical side of the originals but not fully capitalizing on CGI. If one loves star wars but hate s this movie try mix up orders. But live with both the existence of the film, and it's quality. Think of it like the silmerilion, the badly written but very important prequel.

  • Revenge of the Sith

    The Star Wars movie I liked the least was Revenge of the Sith; it was too dark and depressing. Watching Anakin become Darth Vader was dejecting and disturbing, not to mention confusing. The movie did not give a consistent and logical explanation for his descent into evil. He appeared to be well-adjusted in The Phantom Menace. Also, his transformation from a Jedi into a Sith lord occured in the timespan of a Pepsi commercial. Doesn't make much sense.

  • No, there are worse Star Wars movies!

    For anyone who doesn't believe that there could be anything worse than the Phantom Menace, please go to youtube and check out the "Star Wars Holiday Special"!!!! And if that isn't enough of a movie for you, there are also two Ewok movies out there that are definitely not as good as the Phantom menace.

  • No I liked it

    I thought the worst one was the fifth one in the series, and the second one released. In general I prefer 1-3 the most out of all of them. All of the star wars purists out there will probably be up in arms but I think it was a perfect mix of plot and CGI.

  • Nope! That goes to Attack of the Clones

    Attack of the Clones is so much worse than The Phantom Menace. Yes, The Phantom Menace is a bad movie but Attack of the Clones has much, much worse moments. The whole movie, nothing interesting happens, it's just Anakin trying to protect Padme with awful dialogue and romance. And Obi Wan on a shit mission about clones. The droid factory seen is the worst in the series, it's a CGI nightmare, it makes no sense and look what they did R2 and 3PO!! There are only two good scenes, when Anakin's mum died and the Jedi Arena. The Phantom Menace had more!

  • Not the best, Yet not the worst.

    Maybe it's just because this movie is my guilty pleasure of the Star Wars franchise, But I think Phantom Menace is the best of the prequel movies. For starters Anakin is far more tolerable than in the other two prequel movies, Which I think were the same in terms of quality and entertainment. Honestly I think people expected too much from this movie, And that resulted in their nostalgia getting the best of them even though there were some decent scenes in this movie, Such as the Darth Maul battle. Also, The Holiday special/2 Ewok movies were worse.

  • There is way worse.

    The main 6 (now 7, soon 8) movies are all pretty good, with Attack of the Clones being the worst of them. But the really bad movies were the two Ewok movies, those were awful. And don't even get me started on the awful Christmas special. I love Star Wars.

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