• Just donate directly

    This kickstarter was set up as a method of creating a donation fun that would help those in need rather than as just the "pay me and I will make potato salad" plan that it looks like from just the title. These sort of crowdfundings are wastes in my mind. Just donate the money to places rather than giving it to a third party and hoping they do the right thing.

  • If someone wanted to do it.

    No, the potato salad crowd funding project was not a waste of money, because the people who paid for it wanted it done. Whichever person does research or does a project it is worth it to the person who wants the work done. I can't judge that another person's work is worthless.

  • No, because Zack Brown is using the additional money to provide for feeding the homeless.

    At first, it seemed like a joke. All Zack Brown wanted to do was make an awesome potato salad. The news of this ridiculous Kickstarter project spread like wildfire, and suddenly he had hit his goal in a short time. He created new goals, and while they seemed ridiculous, it showed that the internet is not a terrible place. He wanted to involve those who helped him become a household name by throwing pizza parties, making videos, t-shirts, etc. The support became more and more, and he decided to hold a benefit concert with the help of a local radio station. This drove more donations, and he is now holding a large benefit concert with all proceeds going to end hunger in Ohio. While the original premise might have been silly, he has turned into something remarkable, proving that ANYTHING is possible.

  • Not a Wise Investment but not a Waste of Money

    Considering a significant portion of the project's profits will go to a fund set up at the Columbus Foundation which will create a permanent fund to help Central Ohio's nonprofits end hunger and homelessness I don't see it as a waste of money. It's a very stupid investment but at least the money is going to a good cause rather than into the pocket of a fat cat CEO of a big corporation.

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