• Yes, the prior generation was more religious than the current one

    The prior generation was more religious than the current one. The baby boomer generation still goes to religious services and pays for the privilege. Older Americans are much more likely to believe in religious tenants, to think that they should impose their religion onto other people via public means, and to want religion in schools. The modern generation have seen too many horrible things happen in their lifetime to believe that a god or gods could possibly exist, and thus are less religious.

  • Yes It Was

    I believe the prior generation is was more religious than the current one. I believe secularization has been an ongoing process that has made each successive generation less religious for over a century. At the same time I believe more people are now willing to identify as spiritual so they don't feel nailed down to one set of beliefs or a specific religion.

  • Yes, every generation gets less religious.

    If by religion is meant the formal adherence to and attendance at the rituals of formal belief systems that have lots of rules and doctrines, then it is true that this generation is less religious than the former one. However, being in touch with deeper things, which can be called spirituality, is probably becoming more prevalent.

  • Yes I agree it seems that,

    The previous generation seemed to be more religious as well as the generation before that one. I think that it has to do with the fact that with the more breakthroughs in science that there are the more that people are realizing that not everything in religeon has science or fact to back it up.

  • Generation More Religious

    I personally think that prior generation does not say that it was more religious than the current one because now it is more technology than before. I personally think that it is based on an individual about their beliefs and how they personally feel about their religion. I personally think that it is not based on the prior generation on more religion.

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