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  • I think so

    The giant Greenpeace banner on a massive crane is a tangible and visible reminder to Trump that people aren't thrilled with him. (see also the low low approval ratings and high disapproval ratings) Plus the banner is a signal to those who disagree with him that they aren't alone and there are others willing to resist what he's putting out there.

  • Yes, I think so.

    The largest marine protected area in the world was created in the Ross Sea, off the coast of Antarctica. For years, Greenpeace has campaigned for protection of the Ross Sea at CCAMLR, the international body responsible for stewardship of Antarctic waters. Each year, Greenpeace, the Antarctic Ocean Alliance, and millions of people around the world would call on governments to do the right thing, each time thinking THIS was the year it would finally happen. But year after year, there was always something blocking progress. But this year, all of CCAMLR’s members finally agreed - it’s time to make the Ross Sea a protected sanctuary!

  • Greenpeace protests were effective.

    The Greenpeace protests against the Donald Trump's political initiatives were effective. They brought attention to issues that may have not been known to Trump's supporters or opponents. While the protests may not change Trump's policies, they at least make Americans aware of the issues, something that will be important in the next coming years as the country decides if he is the right person to run the country.

  • No, the protests were not effective.

    The Greenpeace protests were not that effective. The Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines have been approved by President Trump. After gaining the necessary government permits, construction on the Keystone pipeline will begin. These protests brought some media attention but did little to sway the Trump administration against granting permission.

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