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  • It aired its grievances.

    Yes, the Protestant Reformation was successful in all of its goals, because the reformers made known the complains that they had against the Catholic Church. Even the Catholic Church had some positive reforms in the years following the reformation. Those who broke off were able to start a new religion that suited their wishes.

  • Yes it did what it wanted to.

    The Roman Catholic Church of the time was taking advantage of its people by making them fearful for their souls and keeping their money hostage through the selling of indulgences. Martin Luther began the Reformation for that and other important reasons and it did result in a more diverse church with less of a hierarchy.

  • No, the Protestant Reformation was not successful in all of it's goals.

    Even though the Protestant Reformation had succeeded in some aspects of its goals, overall, the protestant church still faces a lot of problems and difficulties in such countries where there tends to be a high concentration of Catholic believers. That is why I don't think it was successful in all of its goals.

  • The reformation was not completely successful.

    The purpose of the reformation was to create a different, and in their opinion better way to worship. They felt that the Catholic church had failed to expand beyond european borders with any success because the common man had been removed from the church aside from filling a pew and the collection plate. They failed to completely topple the Catholic church, and they also failed to expand to the rest of the world as they knew it.

  • Not them all

    No, I do not think that this project was good for all of the goals that they had. They had a lot of things that they got done, but there was still a lot that they did not get to complete, but that they really wanted to get done and finish.

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