• At the time, a unified Germany would have been good.

    During the Prussian empire, a unified germany would end the petty in-fighting between warring tribes over century old insults. Taking the experienced warriors that made up the germanic tribes and organizing them into one force would end conflict in the region and grant stability under one banner. These tribes would also avoid causing conflict on the bordering regions due to a unified cause, rather than small time grabs for land.

  • The Prussian Drive was beneficial

    The Prussian Drive to unify Germany as beneficial to Europe because without it occurring, Europe would have a much more difficult time. The unification did speed up the time it took Europe to recover. Some people think the Russian Drive did not help but because of the actions taken, Europe turned into the way it is today.

  • It ultimately led to two world wars.

    The primary goal of the Prussian drive to unify Germany was to create a stronger Germany. It succeeded. Decades later, this unified Germany brought us World War 1 and then later, World War 2. I think that I would be hard pressed to declare this unification a good thing for the rest of Europe.

  • No, the Prussian drive to unify Germany was not beneficial to Europe.

    I do not think the Prussian drive to unify Germany was beneficial to Europe. I think that the Prussian's main objective was to create a stronger Germany, and not necessarily a stronger Europe. It is also important to realize that the Prussian took a passive role in regards to the Nazis.

  • I Don't Think So

    Overall I would have to say the Prussian drive to unify Germany wasn't necessarily beneficial to Europe. I think it has been a good and beneficial thing for Germany and they've overcome some of the hurdles of the economy better than some other countries. For all of Europe, I would have to say it hasn't mattered as much.

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