Was the required digital television conversion in the U.S. a necessary mandate?

  • Yes, it was required

    I think in the cities it was a good thing to push for these mandates. I think the issue is most people had no clue it was coming. The elderly mainly more than likely had no idea what happened to their TV. I for one am all for it, if you converted.

  • Digital TV was necessary.

    The conversion to digital television just a few years ago was a necessary and important change in the nation's infrastructure. Sure, no one wanted to replace railroads with paved highways when automobiles became more popular, but we all are glad that we did so today. Nations, like organisms, have to keep growing.

  • Yes It Was

    I believe the switch to digital television was necessary in the United States. Analog is old technology and when you have a system in place that supersedes it, I think it is best to switch over. The picture with digital television offers a much higher quality and within range you can pick up all of the basic channels for free.

  • The required digital television conversion in the U.S. was a necessary mandate.

    The mandate to convert to digital television was a necessary mandate in the US. Television watchers had been using outdated technology for too long a time, and it was time to update the system. The new system is far superior. It offers more channels and it has better clarity of picture and the reception is better.

  • Not Absolutely Necessary

    I suppose one could argue that the required digital television conversion in the US was not a necessary mandate. We could also say that it wasn't necessary for Americans to buy brand new flat screen LCD and LED TVs. Technology advanced and we simply kept up with it. We would have been fine without doing so, but the transition was better the way it was handled, in my opinion.

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