Was the required digital television conversion in the U.S. worth it?

  • Yes,the required digital television conversion was worth it.

    Yes the required digital television conversion was worth it.When talking about technology in the 21st century its important that are all digital systems are somewhat uniform and compatible.If some areas are still using analog technology then it's going to very hard for them to communicate with more up to date systems.

  • Yes, although I resisted it.

    I was perfectly happy with tv the way it used to be, but now I realize the difference. I used to have just a few channels and they were often fuzzy or too green or too red. I was used to lines running across the screen. Now that never happens and my kids will never know the old ways.

  • Makes little sense

    The digital cable transition was absurd in both its level of attention in the government - far too much for an issue far too low in importance. The massive cost both to people and to the government (both in advertising and subsidizing boxes for people) does not lead to much benefit.

  • No, it was mandated too soon.

    No, the required digital television conversion in the United States was not worth it, because it was very costly to Americans. Americans had to go buy televisions or converters, and that ended up being very expensive to low and middle-income Americans. Analog television worked just fine, and had some merits as well, for example, not having to see people's nose hairs up close and personal on television.

  • Personally, I say no

    This question really depends on if people are going to put in the time to watch the digital television. Currently right now I pay $50/month for my cable and I watch MAYBE an hour of TV a night. Whether or not the conversion was worth it is really up to the consumer.

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