Was the "rest" policy between President Obama and Russia successful?

  • Bush Administration Ruined International Relations

    President Barack Obama needed to give relations with Russia a rest period because of the frosty reception the Russian government gave President George W. Bush regarding Europe's missile shield that was proposed to defend itself against Russia's potential nuclear threat. When Vladimir Putin was upset with the proposal, Bush tried to set up the missile shield in Poland anyway. Thankfully, Obama's administration is more peaceful instead of warmongerish.

  • Give Russia time, even more time, to reformat

    We have seen in many countries like South Africa and African countries that changing from a Dictatorship to a Democracy takes time. Therefore, Obama's "rest" policy is right in line. This policy helps Vladimir Putin to get rid of what America sees as "rigid" and "Draconian" ideas of threatening people at gunpoint. Those said gunpoint threateners take time to get out of a society.

  • The "rest" policy between President Obama and Russia was not successful.

    The "rest" policy between President Obama and Russia was not successful. We have lost the relationship between America and Russia because of it. It would take a lot of work to be able to get the relationship back to good standing. I think the President Bush caused the mess to begin with and we are still trying to clean that situation up.

  • No, we have lost ground with Russia.

    No, the rest policy between President Obama and Russia was not successful, because the United States has lost a great deal of trust with Russia. Russia appears to have reverted to some of the philosophies and practices of the USSR. The United States has tried to hard to appease Russia, and the result has been that it set us back in foreign policy.

  • "Rest" Policy Unsuccessful

    Recently, Russia's leader and President Obama had a so-called "rest" period, which was supposed to cool tensions between the two nations. The two countries continue to butt heads on a fairly regular basis, though. The rest period didn't work the way it was supposed to, and another one wouldn't do any good.

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