• That station is so tired.

    Yes, the retirement of NPR's Carl Kassell age 79 was long overdue, because he was getting to the point where he was too old to do his shows. There are a lot of young people that want to come in that can do a better job, they just need to be given the chance. NPR won't get rid of old ways and modernize.

  • Not At All

    I do not believe the retirement of NPR's Carl Kassell was long overdue. I believe retirement is absolutely natural at 79, in this day and age. I believe he could have retired earlier and that would have allowed a younger predecessor to take his place earlier, but that shouldn't be a requirement.

  • No, I don't think the retirement of Carl Kassell was long overdue.

    If he enjoyed his job for that long and still attracted enough listeners for NPR to continue to air his show then I think he was fine to stay as long as he did, I think if he was overstaying his usefulness at NPR it would have been reflected in the quality of the programming and listener base.

  • Carl Kassell had many more years of work in him.

    NPR's Carl Kassell has been a welcome voice on the airwaves for decades, and his retirement recently at the age of 79 was seen as a surprise to many of his fans and admirers. His voice has become synonymous with world events for many listeners, and things won't be the same without him now.

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