Was the right wing political group Unité Radicale appropriately dissolved after the 2002 assassination attempt on Jacques Chirac?

  • It's always appropriate to eradicate right wing organizing.

    There's never anything good to come out of a right wing group of any kind. All they do is sow discontent and foment hate. It was right for them to be dissolved after their disgraceful words and actions that led to the 2002 assassination attempt. Hopefully France can do the same with their current crop of anti-gay right wing freaks as well.

  • Yes, the disolving was appropriate

    Any time you have a right wing group killing people or attempting to assassinate them, it's time to shut the operation down. The right has very fringe ideas, and when they succeed they tend to keep happening. Many of the worst and brutal groups have been right wing movements. This was just.

  • They caused it

    Yes, they did need to be dissolved after this assassination attempt, because all the facts pointed to them, and it seemed as though they most likely were behind the assassination attempt. It was better for them to go ahead and dissolve, that continue on and risk a lot of humiliation.

  • Yes it was

    Freedom of speech should be absolute, and so should the ability to form any political party with any platform whatsoever. However, threats to kill and serious attempts to do so obviously cannot and should not be tolerated, so it was the right decision for this movement to be forcibly disbanded as such.

  • The actions of one condemn the many.

    This form of mass punishment inflicted on the political group Unite Radicale as the result of the actions of a lone gunmen can be seen as nothing more than an oppressive move by the government. The message of Unite Radicale has the right to be heard regardless of the indiscretions of one solitary member. Instead, his actions gave the government a reason to "administratively dismantle" them.

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