• Riots should take place when there is no justice for people of color.

    Riots are the result of people fed up with the white supremacy system that continues to fail the people of color time and time again. Only thing about rioting is that it will hurt the people who destroy there on neighborhood. The best bet is to destroy the rich white wealthy neighborhoods and businesses to really spark some change.

  • No it isn't

    I understand why people are upset about the verdict. But what's done is done and beating up random white and Hispanic people or in the case of David Santucci killing them is not justified. Don't punish random people for George zimmermand crime. What happened was terrible but there are more important things to worry about.

  • I do not beleive that rioting over the verdict can be justified.

    Rioting is never a good response to a bad situation. Even in the face of tyranny or injustice, the chaos that rioting brings hardly provides a solution. Typically, riots are driven by emotional outrage expressed by lashing out either in fearful or enraged actions. Often, many individuals that have little investment in the reason(s) which started the rioting will take advantage of the disruption in basic civility for their own gains. Although one might understand how a riot began, any rational individual would have a hard time trying to justify such an event.

  • The evidence supported the verdict.

    No, the rioting over the Zimmerman verdict was not really justified, because the verdict was a just verdict. Zimmerman acted in self-defense. It was the prosecutor's burden to decide that he did not, and they did not meet that burden. They should have respected the verdict, just like they would have been telling us to do if he had been found guilty.

  • not at all

    no, this man was attacked and was going to be hurt really bad if he did not shoot the boy that was attacking him. I think that he needed to do what it took to defend himself, and that it would been a whole lot worse if he had not shot.

  • No,the rioting over the Zimmerman verdict wasn't justified.

    No,the rioting over the Zimmerman verdict was not justified.People were justified in being upset but rioting does not really help anything at all.Disgruntled parties should go through the legal system.Even though some injustice might occur overall its the best system available in a democratic society that has a diverse population.

  • No, the rioting after the Zimmerman verdict was not justified.

    Rioting over a verdict when a court of law finds a defendant innocent is never justified. I do not think there was even any rioting after the verdict actually. I think if there were, they were not significant. With that said, it is still wrong to riot regardless of the verdict.

  • Was uncalled for

    Yes we were all upset he got away with it. But does that mean we go and start acting like a bunch of animals much the way that most criminals do. How does that make us better than them? Yea sure we didn't kill anyone after the verdict but crime is crime. It is wrong to commit crimes. Peaceful protests sure but riots is way to much. Fight for what you believe in but don't fight because justice wasn't served.

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